Tuesday, May 21, 2013

whipped chocolate frosting....2 ingredients

My Mother in Law made these chocolate cupcakes
 with this amazing frosting while I was visiting.
They were so good that I seriously couldn't stop eating them!
  Dangerous I know.
Want to impress someone or just treat yourself?  Try this.

2 ingredients...4 steps!
Whipped Chocolate Frosting Recipe
1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1 regular bag of chocolate chips

1. Bring cream to almost boiling....but don't boil it!
2.  In a large mixing bowl,
pour over the chocolate chips and stir until chips are melted and well blended.
3. Cool for 1 hour on counter and 5 minutes in fridge
4.  Whip with a mixer
Thanks, Mrs. Bonnie, for sharing!


Jessica Curtis said...

They look amazing! and too beautiful to eat, though chocolate does sound good now. :)

Christina Zimmerman said...

Yummy! Can't wait to try! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful, simple, and thinking of this frosting has left my mouth watering!

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