Thursday, November 20, 2014

thank you, Lord

our ladies choir sings this song
each time it makes me cry
their rich voices raising up the precious words in the old hymn
they burst forth with "my chains are gone..."

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Killed, survived, taught, sifted, etc...

what do missionary wives do with their days?
well recently...very recently
I've stepped on a frog in my hallway,
killed an {agressive} 9 inch 40-legger with a machete, (this machete)
finished a whole pot of coffee one morning,
survived the vicious Chikungunya virus,
gone 5 days without full running water,
taught 3 school grades while folding laundry,
carried water to wash clothes,
received a pedicure from a 3 year old,
helped our German Shepherd deliver 13 beautiful puppies,
sifted bugs out of my flour,
carefully moved all the lizard eggs out of my sewing machine box,
and more
(things that are more normal to me now so I can't even remember them).
While all my friends back home are posting pictures of fall leaves and even snow.... 
Jamaican kids are playing in the water hose and eating watermelon.
The kids love watermelon.
  They love it so much that all that is left
 is a thin shaving of the green peeling.
(Alexis, 9)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

pockets as deep as Solomon

Meanwhile in Jamaica.... where is the Pastor's wife?  Well, that's her over there... picking up all the goat poop with tree leaves before Sunday School begins.  (Did I just mention that out loud?)  {blush}  Well there you have it....just keeping it real.  I have to clear away the nasty stuff otherwise it's always a big distraction under the kids feet.  I'm sure you can imagine.

Many eager little dark faces flew out of the church bus when it pulled up.  Many smiling faces happy to be at church today.  Many chipper little voices began our song time under the almond tree we meet at.  EVERY Sunday school class begins with the song "Jesus loves the little me, me, me.....little ones like me, sat upon His knee.  Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me."

We've been studying King David last month and how he prepared for building God's house.  We started Sunday the exciting story of how his son, Solomon, was the one who God had build the house.

The kids love talking about building a church for God.  I went in-depth on detail of getting the trees for wood and boulders to cut into blocks.  How King David gather gold and many precious jewels.  This is exciting to the kids and me, especially because we are purchasing land to build our very own church house!  I've been preparing them by getting them worked up about God's house being built by Solomon and all the sacrifice and preparation it took.  The idea of us building God's house in Spot Valley is so precious to them.
One little curly haired boy asked, "Is our church going to have gold and jewels in it also?" Nope, our pockets are not as deep as Solomon's.  I love teaching Sunday School.

Monday, November 10, 2014

cleaning up their childhood

When I was scrubbing the bathroom and took my eyes off the kids for 2 minutes....they did the usual thing and made a {huge} mess behind my back.  Same-o same-o.

Here I am scrubbing unmentionable stuff... on my hands and knees... and the 3 year old reaches over my shoulder.  She proudly displays her hands and arms completely covered with sparkling red glitter. "I just love pixie dust, mom."  Her genuine wonder of her shimmering arms knocked me off guard.

She saw beauty.
She saw ....pixie dust.
I saw a huge mess most likely involving a glob of glue, possibly on my living room rug.
Then I looked harder and saw the wonder in her eyes.

How many times have I missed {a moment} with my children and only dwelled on the work involved in cleaning up.  Cleaning up their childhood.  More then I wish to recall this has been the case.  Little finger and little minds create messes, that's just a fact.

So we went to the school desk to play some more with the pixie dust.

"what is it, mom?"
"um....a strawberry?"
"nope, guess again."
"um...a hippopotumus?"
"nope, guess again"
"um...a birthday cake?"
"mom, look harder.  It's a broken rocket ship."
"oh, I see it now"
one of the greatest gifts you can give your children {and yourself} is to play with them.  I encourage my children to dream and imagine.   Even though that usually involves a mess and more work for mom it's worth it.  Years from now you'll be so glad you did.  You want your children to remember you as that kind of a mom, not an exhausted, frazzled mess of anger.  So as you are "cleaning up their childhood" remember that it is their....childhood.  Make it wonderful.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

a Royal Ball for all the fair maidens

I'm sure you read it in the social papers.  There was a royal ball in the Wesley estate recently. All the fair maidens of the land were in attendance.  Rose and Chickaletta all dressed and ready for the ball.  There was a banquet blanket set, complete with plastic teacups filled with only the finest chicken mesh.
 Jane came dressed as Sleeping Beauty.
 After awhile Rose did a dress change and turned into a mermaid,
 complete with ribbons around her ankles.
Yes, chickens have learned something new today!
 Chickaletta did pretty well in her ball gown
 until she realized there were roses on the front.
Suddenly, she was very hungry.
"Party's over...I'm outta here." Chickalleta

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

catching flowers

Two little monkeys sitting in a hammock.  
Eating green cupcakes out of rubber dishes with feet.
Giggles and sunshine.
Wonderful way to pass a day.

Eden loves catching butterflies and is really good at it.  Brynlee isn't as quick.

The frustrated {sad} little voice said, 
"I can't catch lizards!
I can't catch butterflies!
I can't catch frogs!
But, I can"
I love my sweet gifts of rugged looking flowers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

was that just a snowball?

Was that just a snow ball?
Uh way.  How is that possible?
So the kids in the Wesley house discovered 2 important things today.
#1 Work can be fun....if it's cleaning out the chest freezer.
#2 (and this they knew but forgot) snow is cold!
 They had a blast throwing it, squeezing it, putting down each other's shirts.
The last one is pretty hilarious when the person starts wiggling around.
Lots of giggles.
 Even tasting it...{gross}.
 When the freezer was emptied and cleaned,
 the little ones had fun playing in the icy cold stream draining out the bottom.
John Truman said, "cold."
anything to beat the heat,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lil' man and the livestock

All the kids love our chickens.
  Everyone wants to be the one to let them out of their coop every morning. 
 It's a big deal.
I really do enjoy them too.
  Definitely my best birthday present ever was
 Prince Charming building me a little red coop
 and filling it with 6 pretty Cinnamon Queen chickens.
(Prince Charming and I were standing in the front yard today and
 John Truman came around the side of the house carrying his friend)

People say they don't think chickens are affectionate.
Well, ours are.
We love our special chickens

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