Tuesday, June 9, 2015

marching around Jericho

I LOVE teaching Sunday school and junior church.
Maybe its the child inside me that gets excited imagining Goliath,
the grapes of Canaan, or the trembling walls of Jericho.  Whatever it is...it is fun.

This week I told the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho falling down.  Can you see the big concrete wall behind the kids?  Well.. that was our Jericho.  The kids and I marched and shouted and you know what?   Those big concrete walls didn't move!  But long ago in Jericho God brought down walls that were much bigger and much stronger then these walls.  Seeing the story played out really brought it home to the kids.

Our memory verse for the month is Joshua 3:10a   "And Joshua said, Hereby ye shall know that the living God is among you..."  I always do the memory verse many times during the class and let the kids take turns teaching it.

I brought large building blocks and we did relay races with boys against girls.  The team who built the biggest tower got to try and take turns knocking it down with a baseball.  I won't say which team was the best builders....but those girls really had good throwing arms.  

I used the blocks and talked about how we have things in our lives like selfishness, laziness, greed, etc...  Just like that baseball knocked down the tower we can ask God's help in destroying the sins in our lives.  
I'm trying to make a series of lessons that go around the theme "Living God" like in Joshua 3:10.   Our God is awesome.  Last week it was Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  Wonder who will visit Sunday School this week?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

the smiling chicken

We arrived back in Jamaica a few days ago.  There has been the usually fun for mom cleaning and getting the house back in order.  The first 3 days there was no water.  That makes it interesting but I love a good challenge.  The kids are thrilled to be back home.  The pets are happy to see them.

Have you ever seen a chicken smiling? 
Now you have!
She is perfectly content being held and carried around and hugged on.
She missed her people.

Monday, May 25, 2015

the pregnant green bean

I love the way children view the world.
  It's plain.
 It's simple.
  It's hilarious.
Today's adventure started on a nice hot balmy May day.
We are finishing our last few days in Baton Rouge before heading back to the Island.
Alexis was helping me pick green beans.
Nice wholesome back breaking job.
Call it what you want, my kids like chores that get them outside and a little dirty...
just like their mama.
We had fun screaming at the spiders and slugs hiding in the leaves.  I shared with Alexis the story of a snake who was hiding around a green bean plant when I was a little girl.  I had reached to pull some weeds and picked up the snake.  Pretty sure my voice carried over the whole county.  I don't enjoy snakes.  
"Hey, Mom, look at this!  It's a pregnant green bean." Alexis thought she was hilarious.  But it really did look like one. 
Life is fun looking through a child's eyes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Real Chickens

cousin Emi came to play today!
In the house I suggested going to check on memaw's chickens.
John Truman said, "I love to eat chicken."
Emi laughed hard and said, "I don't eat chicken."  
I asked her if she eats chicken legs to which she replied with a large smile {like it was joke},
"yeah, but I don't eat REAL chickens!"

The 3 little chicken farmers went outside to round up the flock.
They decided to try and catch some to hold.
That was a pretty hard task but they were up for the job.
They ran around......
and around....
and around... 
 and around...
 get the picture?
 finally....score!  the chicken got tired before the kids and just stopped running.
 the lucky chicken was very loved on
 and passed around and loved on
 and loved on some more.
 Aunt Christine came to play with the chickens with us.
 John wanted him on his shoulder
 but his shoulders are so tiny the chick didn't have much room.
no words only chicken love
 The cousins and their live baby dolls
 "what you looking at?  willy worm?"
  and there you have it.
John Truman 28m.

Life is good.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

perfect "splash in a puddle" weather

"But, Mom, today is perfect "splash-in-a-puddle" weather", Eden Grace
yes, I gave in.

Our day off of school started early with tip toes down the hall earlier then I wanted.  Thankfully Eden is my quiet child and carefully fixed her own breakfast and tiptoed back down the hall.  She crept in the bedroom again just to poke her sisters and tell them they get to sleep in this morning.  Her older sisters were not excited about being woke up from their dreams.  She then preceded to sneak in and lay her head on my pillow to watch me "sleep".  She quickly left when I whispered she could turn the tv on.

Moriah and Alexis went out visiting with Papa Tot so the little ones spent the morning playing in the puddles.  
My babies John Truman, 2, Brynlee, 4, Eden, 7 
Nothing bonds siblings like a little mud between their toes.

Monday, March 16, 2015

the potential of an arrow

Just a little thought today.
  Prince Charming has been shooting his bow lately.
  The girls love to watch and cheer for him.
  He even fixed up an old bow for them to practice with and they are enjoying that.
 When I was reading my Bible last week, this verse jumped out at me.

"As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth." 
Psalms 127:4

A man with a quiver full of arrows has so much potential.  It takes a lot of hours of hard work and practice pulling back that string and building those muscles to hold it steady.  He couldn't hit the bulleye the first time he drew back.  The first time the rough string scraped his tender arm he probably was ready to quit.  But he didn't.  In the end there was the reward

A mama with a yard full of kids has so much potential.  God gave her all these little ones for a reason.  With a little practice she can raise them to honor the Lord....and honor her and her husband with their actions and lifestyle.  It's not easy.  It takes a lot of sleepless nights and correcting them over...and over...and over.  There is pain in raising children to be decent honorable citizens.  There are times when you I want to throw my hands up and quit.  "Just let them turn out like the heathens!"  (I apologize to any heathen reading this.)  But in the end there is reward for enduring.
So today, look past the spills and whines and remember there is a reason and a purpose for their little lives.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

chik v story....the end

finishing up the story on Chik V.

.....so Prince Charming and Baby John flew to the States.  The kids and I do fine on the Island alone.  The grocery store is close and we have our cozy home with 2 German Shepherd guard dogs.  We were doing great.

Almost a week after Prince had left I suddenly became very sick again with the chik v.  My fever went high and my legs had no strength to walk.  I pretty much laid in my bed in agony because you can't sleep because the pain is so intense.  I found out something {amazing} during this time.  I  have some {amazing} kids.

Moriah (10) became the chef.  I was honestly surprised at her cooking ability.  She made spaghetti...from scratch.  As in, real tomatoes, onions, and spices, ladies!  She made cajun jambalaya and corn bread...from scratch.  Pancakes...scratch. And more.... I was just so out of it I can't remember.  Did I mention she is 10?  She just looked through the cookbook, read it, and lit the oven with a match.

Alexis (9) was the nurse.  She rarely left my bed side.  She was always bringing me cold rags for my head.  Trays of crackers and water.  Alexis definitely has a gift for nursing people.  She showed such compassion and forethought looking for my needs.

Eden (6) was the babysitter.  She is a natural mother and has good common sense knowing what will hurt little kids and what they should be doing.  She occupied Brynlee and kept her out of trouble.  Also she gets a kick out of bossing others around.

Each girl did these jobs without being asked.  No one complained once.  I don't even remember the usual sister quarrels even happening.

I was down this time 4 days.  Saturday night I could use my left leg to walk and my right leg was stiff but manageable.  It kinda followed the other one.  I couldn't turn the steering wheel with my right arm and my lymph nodes were swollen in my neck so it was stiff and I couldn't turn my head either way.  But....someone had to drive the church bus.  So off I went Sunday morning.  I did leave behind my usual very high heels though.  After bus route I taught Sunday School and Junior Church and drove the bus route again.

Sunday night I became afraid because the pain was so intense in the back of my head.  As the night went on, I was terrified as the pain kept me awake.  I couldn't rest my head on anything and touching the mattress honestly hurt my entire body so bad that the tears ran down my hot face.  I could only lay on my back and my arms hurt.  They were drawn up against me and I couldn't raise them or my legs.  The dreadful thought came through my mind several times that I was going to die right there and my daughters would find me.

When morning came I thought, "I wasn't really that bad last night." When I talked to Prince on the phone we both didn't talk much about it.  He told me to go to the doctor that morning.  So it took all my strength to set up.  Alexis helped me dress...actually she pretty much dressed me.  Anyone who knows me will realize how sick I was when I say this.  I went out of the house with no makeup, hair in an unbrushed ponytail, and my old gardening flip flops.  Moriah watched as I shuffled across the floor towards the front door.  Her voice was full of apprehension when she asked, "Mom, are you sure you can drive?"  This made me smile a little but I was determined.

The 30 kilometer drive to the dr took almost an hour.  My head was full of cotton and I couldn't think really clear so I drove....really....really slow... 10 miles an hour sometimes.  When the girls and I arrived at the tiny little concrete dr office we checked in and the girls got comfortable in the white plastic lawn chairs in the waiting room.  My fever made me freeze in the 85 degree weather but I leaned against the germy stone wall and drifted in and out of sleep.  When it was my turn I slowly shuffled in to the dr.  He took one look at me wrote me a prescription for some anti-inflammatory and vitamin c.  We had to drive another 40 km back to a safe pharmacy. There again I slept in a flimsy little chair for 45 minutes waiting my turn while the kids wondered around the store.

The next 5 days are honestly very blurry.  I just remember lots of pain.  My husband returned soon after and I was well enough to drive to the airport to pick him up.  The lymph nodes on my neck had swollen up and not gone back down this time.  When Josh saw the large mass on my head and noticed how my right side was very, very weak he booked me a flight out to America the next day.  I did not going willingly.  With all the flimsy strength left in me I was kicking and fussing to leave Josh and the kids behind.

To make a long story a little bit longer...I received excellent immediate care in Baton Rouge.  I saw 4 different specialists who enjoyed learning about a weird and unusual disease.  I had a small surgery to have the mass on my neck drained and then it healed up fine.  The weak and painful joints are still with me even though it has been almost 4 months.   The drs say this could last up to 5 years.  The hardest thing now is pain in my toes that is always there.

We are all in the States now, for a few months, having an unscheduled medical furlough.  God has a purpose and plan for every trial and test in our life.  I can see now where He had special things for us to learn and do and He needed us here in Baton Rouge to do and learn them.  His ways are not ours ways.
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