Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bracelets dirt cheap

remember these ladies?
 These are a few of the lovely ladies of Valley Baptist Church in Spot Valley, Jamaica.  Since starting the church in 2010 our numbers have grown and we have been looking for land to build a church house for over a year.  Sometimes I get discouraged but our wonderful members have the faith the land is there and God is gonna give it to us!  Have I mentioned how awesome they are?  I may be the Pastor's wife but so often they encourage and convict me.

These ladies have gave of their time
 to handcraft beautiful bracelets.  
Each one is unique
 just like the woman who made it
& just as beautiful.
  Each bracelet is sold to raise money for a church building. 
 Now until Sunday they are on sale at a discount price.  Can you say dirt cheap?   

Regularly $15!  Hurry
So many many of you have purchased things my ladies have made.  (Mango Marketplace typically sales pieces they make and the money all goes back to them to help them support their families.)  Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

priceless times

My older 3 princesses are at Church Camp this week with their memaw and 2 cousins.  Memaw is super brave.  I have the {awesome} opportunity to stay in her home {with a/c} and take care of my niece, Aurelia and my 2 babies. Prince Charming's sister and her husband and three children are missionaries in Molango, Mexico.  So it is rare that we see each other.

 Enjoying the silliness and girlie behavior of these sweeties.
You can tell they don't live in the US.
  I told them we were going to eat ice-cream sandwiches for lunch
 and they both laughed and then said, "ewww."
  Until they saw what I was talking about.  We had seconds. {hush}
Times with cousins are the best.
When you live in another country from your cousins, times with them are precious.
When you both live in different countries from America, times with them are priceless. 
  Some of my greatest childhood memories include
 jumping hay bales and roaming through the woods
 with my cousins, at our grandparent's farm.
I'm so thankful that my children are making lots of memories this summer.
Wow. I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I've posted.  The kids and I are enjoying a little family time in Louisiana for a few weeks before we head back to Jamaica to host 3 awesome groups.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

someone's gonna find a spider

our church is blessed to have many children.  For some reason we are filled with rough, loud, ornery little boys right now.

there is not a Sunday School class time that I do not have to separate them.
there is not a Sunday School class time when I don't have to raise my eyebrows at them.
Each time I see their shining little faces jump off the church bus I know…
someone's gonna need discipline.
someone's gonna need corrected for something.
someone's gonna poke and tease the girls.
someone's gonna find a spider.

but when the altar time is called
           and 7 little boys gather around Pastor to pray with him…
        you wonder if maybe they're gonna turn out all right.

Thank you, Lord.

note: if you attend Valley Baptist Church and wonder about this post.  I actually wrote it when it happened several months ago and never posted it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

yesterday of their childhood is gone

I awoke in the {very} early morning hours to the sound of breathing close to my face.  As I squinted my eyes open there were 2 little hazel eyes silently watching me.  After recovering from the initial shock of someone watching me sleep I smiled and said,
"good morning.  What in the world are you doing?"
"I thought you might want to play a game."
"A game?!?"  I blinked my eyes to see the clock clearly.
"Any game, mommy.  I know, let's play house."

Now there's a novel idea.  Why didn't I think of that?

A few hours later finds us all in the kitchen..."playing house".  One princess was washing the dishes, one princess was drying them and putting them away, and one princess was mopping all the dishwater up in the floor that seemed to flow in a steady stream.  Another little one is rubbing the broom around the floor attempting to corral the crumbs from their morning toast.  And the crowned Prince?  Well, he's never in one place very long.  Sweet helpers.
he's only 16 months and 5
toss him up in the air to make him laugh so you can see those crooked little teeth peeking through
snuggle your nose into his neck to catch the faint baby will soon be gone
coax him to say your name
rock him to sleep… while he still wants you to

she's only 3 years, 4 months and 11
play candy land… again…and again
read her another story
braid her piggy tails

she's only 6 years,  2 months and 11
put her hair in piggie tails…anyways
hold her in your lap...soon she won't fit
memorize her smile with the missing tooth

she's 8 years, 5 months and 13
look her in the eyes when she tells you her story
laugh at her made up jokes
hold her hand

she's only 9 years and 11 months….today
brush her hair
let her cook the recipe herself and then tell her everything she did right
find things to laugh with her about

yesterday of their childhood is gone.  How will you spend today?
count your blessings
(John Truman had to have Eden's hat)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

baby palm trees

Palm Sunday
A special part in the story of the Resurrection.
Today, one of the ladies in church had a special gift for everyone.  She had planted palm tree starts specially for this day.  During the worship service a man passed out little baby palm trees.

So very special and such a sweet reminder now in my flower bed of that {special} day long ago when palms laid on the ground to honor someone very special.

(the picture was taken of 3 energetic boys during the competitive song of 
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord)

Another wonderful Sunday at Valley Baptist Church,

Thursday, March 27, 2014

He is my Provider

I love Sunday School.
  I love being the teacher.
  I love acting out stories.
I love passing out sweetie (candy).
  I love teaching lessons to the kids.  

A few weeks ago, I asked all the bright little faces staring at me to say what God was in one word.  There were many different answers, but the one that stuck with me was answered by one of my little boys.  His family literally has very little.  Not {poor} in a American standards where you haven't had a new toy this week, have to wear the same shoes you bought last month, and are grumpy because you can't order take out again today.  No, this family lives very, very simply.

I was going down the bench letting every child answer "what is God?"
"love" "Creator" "happy" …etc

The little one that {in our eyes has nothing} said, "Provider."

Wow.  When we see through eyes that realize everything you have comes from God, your faith is so much more real and there is a peace of contentment.   The little one who has nothing, really has so very much.

I love the lessons {I} learn in Sunday School.

Friday, March 14, 2014

never overlook

 Lil' Princesses,
just remember that nobody….nobody sees the world quite like you do.
as you look out at life
never overlook the simple beauty around you.

the sunshine through the trees
the crimson red flower (that we don't know the name of)
that fuzzy black caterpillar you found on the back step
your favorite {soft} blue shirt
...and that is just in the last few minutes...

I love you, my darlings

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