Wednesday, October 15, 2014

was that just a snowball?

Was that just a snow ball?
Uh way.  How is that possible?
So the kids in the Wesley house discovered 2 important things today.
#1 Work can be fun....if it's cleaning out the chest freezer.
#2 (and this they knew but forgot) snow is cold!
 They had a blast throwing it, squeezing it, putting down each other's shirts.
The last one is pretty hilarious when the person starts wiggling around.
Lots of giggles.
 Even tasting it...{gross}.
 When the freezer was emptied and cleaned,
 the little ones had fun playing in the icy cold stream draining out the bottom.
John Truman said, "cold."
anything to beat the heat,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lil' man and the livestock

All the kids love our chickens.
  Everyone wants to be the one to let them out of their coop every morning. 
 It's a big deal.
I really do enjoy them too.
  Definitely my best birthday present ever was
 Prince Charming building me a little red coop
 and filling it with 6 pretty Cinnamon Queen chickens.
(Prince Charming and I were standing in the front yard today and
 John Truman came around the side of the house carrying his friend)

People say they don't think chickens are affectionate.
Well, ours are.
We love our special chickens

Saturday, October 11, 2014

hoist sails, matey

Today is a perfect day for an adventure.

So….the kids and I wondered around the beach looking for treasures.  The Sea was so clear this morning, compared to the choppy high waves from last week.  We sat out on the pier and watched the waves and the seagulls.  The kids jumped off into the water and splashed around.  We searched around looking for interesting things that could have been washed up after the storms from last week.  Eden found a big conch shell.
There was a bamboo raft haphazardly anchored on the pier and the girls were enamored with it.  They had so much fun sitting on it and riding the rough waves.  Only the older two were brave enough to ride. That didn't stop all their imaginations from flying high.  I pretended not to notice (they always stop if they think I'm writing down their words).  I smiled to myself at the lingo....

"hoist the sails, matey"
"I'll steer the wheel"
"I spy a pirate ship on yonder horizon"
"aye, aye Captain!"
"row faster"

It's fun to listen in on their imagination.  There really was a large container ship out at Sea and from a distance the white containers look like billowing sails!
They discovered a starfish and Moriah dove down to get it.  Brynlee was not impressed.

I love each moment with my little adventurers,

Saturday, October 4, 2014

creepy crawly catcher club

creepy crawly catcher club
 membership rules
#1 rule don't scream when you see a bug
#2 rule catch lizards fast
#3 rule things that creep are friends
(wrote by Alexis, 8)
lizards, snails, crickets, frogs......
 run if you want to ...
run if you will ...
but the wesley kids will still find you! 

 My kids are down to earth.  Yep, so down to earth that they are enamored by any tiny little critter.  They are passionate about watching for any hurt or lonely butterfly, spider, or lizard.  They have a hospital of jars set up so they can observe their patients.  The girls make soft beds for them out of old fabric or leaves.  They dip cotton balls or q-tips in water for them to drink.
 Always a clown in the group.
disclaimer: we practice a strict catch and release program.  No critters were harmed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

pray often

I sing a simple little song
 every Sunday in class with my little ones.
  It is an easy lil' ditty that goes like this...
"always take time to pray
always take time to pray
God hears your prayers today
always take time to pray."

So easy but that {repeated} song sticks with them
  I've heard my own kids humming the tune.

Sometimes the best lessons in life are learned in Sunday School.
we're off to prayer meeting.... it sure would be nice if there is electricity tonight.  4 weeks in a row the power has been off.  It is pretty black (can't-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face dark) there with no lights!

Someone once said....."Sometimes the best lessons in life are learned in Sunday School."

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

enjoy the simple

Sometimes it is just black and white.
We want to get our crayons out and paint it up here and fix it up there. 
We want to enhance all the details.
just take a deep breath
enjoy the clean
enjoy the simplicity 
(a few hours at the sea side with my little ones)

feel the sea breeze against your face,

Thursday, July 31, 2014

spillin' the beans

Last month, when we went back to the States we stayed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   The kids and I were with Papa Tot and Memaw (Prince Charming's parents).  Next door lives John Truman's, 1, favorite person.  Great-Grandma Dorlis.  Over the five weeks we stayed there she was his favorite playmate.  Nearly every morning he woke up and his first thought was to take Maw Maw her paper.
 He wanted to stay with her many mornings and afternoons.
She spoiled him but he loved it.
John was carrying the bucket for Maw Maw as she was picking peas.
 She was showing them how to open the peas.
  John kept tasting the peas and then spitting them out on the ground.
Today, I received an email with this picture.
  John's peas had taken root and grown under Maw Maw's swing.
  Sweet reminder of those special weeks.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mon, it's Mango Season

Yippee, we really enjoy mango season.
  2 of our neighbors have trees
 and every day now they are knocking on my gate with a rock to get my attention.
  When I look out,
 there they are with a giant smile and an even "gianter"  bowl of mangoes!
  I love it.  

I enjoy the beauty of the peachy orange fruit
 but even more I love the joy I see on their faces when they see me enjoying their gift.
"I'm not sure about this thing." John Truman, 1 yr
"Let me taste yours, sis"
"Yep, I like it."
Eden Grace, 6
My freezer is now loaded with frozen mango puree perfect for a yummy healthy smoothie.

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