Friday, November 10, 2017

I'm the.....

At 5:38am I'm the wife...snuggled close in the early cool morning breeze coming in the window.
At 5:46am I'm the  shaken awake by little fingers touching my face.
At 6:13am I'm the short order cook.  Quickly dishing out cinnamon toast, steaming oatmeal, and refilling orange juice in zippy cups.
At 7
I'm the farmer feeding the chickens.
I'm the detective looking for clues to find the matches belonging to 5 pairs of church shoes.
I'm the church greeter.... smiling, shaking hands, kissing babies.
I'm the bubbly Sunday School teacher....acting out scenes from David and Goliath as I perch on top of a stone bench.
I'm the spiritual church member praising God during the singing of praises and hymns.
I'm the spirited junior church leader director main dude person... trying to figure out how to entertain a giant group of fidgety kids after they've been in church for 2 hours already.

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