Thursday, July 2, 2009

We currently are on our way home from OKC!! A busy city full of many memories. Thoughts of my college career brings on a whole flood of memories...leaving my family and moving to another state, sleepless nights cramming for college exams, dorm life (that's a whole chapter!), falling in love with my "Crazy Cajun", the first year of married life, and the birth of our first baby girl, Moriah. I will confess that I still have nightmares of waking up and living in the dorm! Everyone up for 6 0'clock devotions!
It was a fun trip, I love seeing the special college friends that you've gained a bond with that just can't be broken. Those who have seen you at your worst and still love you! We had our final meeting, with our mission board, before we go to the field. Such an exciting feeling! One thing that Pastor Tom said that really made a deep impression on me, is that before you leave for a foreign mission field, make sure there is no unconfessed sin in your life. Satan is sure to use that against you, and also that could be something that could hinder your prayers. As my husband is packing his bags to go leave for Jamaica in just a couple days...i really started thinking. Joshua is going into a dangerous situation, and he will be making several life changing decisions. When i pray for his protection and the Lord's guidance in my husband's life i want to know that my Heavenly Father is listening to every word I say. So often, I believe, in the States, it is so easily to not rely on God and think we can take care of our own self. When possible danger arises, or something happens to remind us of our own insignificance and the awesome protection that our God gives us everyday.
I'm very thankful for the opportunity God has given me as a missionary's wife...and one reason is the closeness you feel to God when you step off the plane in a third world country. I'm also thankful for the renewed realization of how much I NEED MY LORD!


Christina Zimmerman said...

a good reminder for us all!

Julia said...

Wow, that is so true! Even for me. I'd hate to see my family ruined by unconfessed sin in my life. Thanks for the reminder (6 months later!).

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