Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jamaica meet the Jetsons

November 23, 09

We went to a store today to look at a fridge and stove. I’ve been borrowing a fridge from the church and baking everything on a hot pad and toaster oven since we’ve been in here. No complaints, it’s working out just got to plan ahead.

This store completely blew me out of the water!! There is a new shopping strip being built in Montego Bay. This is the most modern store I’ve ever been in! It looked like we stepped into a scene on the Jetsons cartoons. Glass walls, fancy display cases...the whole bit. We were looking at fridges and I’ve always loved stainless steel appliances. They are so shiny and classy looking. We were looking at a little white one that would have been ok, when my eye strayed to a beautiful big stainless steel setting a few displays over. I wondered over to it, and noticed that it had three small dents in the door. We asked a salesman if they would take less for it, and they ended up knocking $150 US off!!! Praise the Lord. A BIG thank you to my M-I-L Mrs. Bonnie. She wanted to purchase they appliances for us. This is such a huge blessing!!!

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Julia said...

God had you in mind when He allowed that fridge to be dented, you know. That's so special how He cares about and provides for the things we like, not just need.

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