Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If you need me...I’ll be taking a hot shower...till I wrinkle up like a old mango

Saturday, January 2, 2010
We finally bought a hot water heater!!! So tonight I’m gonna get to wash in warm water.....I wish you could see the gigantically enormous smile on my face!!! If you’ve never gone without hot water for....um....weeks and weeks...then you wouldn’t appreciate how ecstatic I am. Thank you, Lord. And I’m also thankful for a husband who can do absolutely everything. He installed the water heater all by himself...what a smarty. Because of the cost of electricity we only turn it on at night, then take our showers, and shut it off... but it’s heavenly! There is no water pipes that take hot water to the girl’s bathroom, so I have to carry buckets of water to fill their tub. No problem, mon!
Josh bought me a 6 foot table that is just for me to do my scrapbooking on!!! My own space!!! Now it’s getting to feel like home.

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