Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our New Alarm System.....named Drago

Thursday Jan 21, 10
We drove over the mountain today to go to Kingston. There was a very special reason for this trip. God had a beautiful little German Shepherd puppy all picked out for us waiting to be part of our family. We have been promising the girls a puppy for literally years. We named him Drago off of one of our favorite John Wayne movies..McClintock! You know you can really tell a lot about people by what they name their pets.
Drago's part in our life is 2 fold. He not only will be a loving pet and companion, but also an intelligent watch dog and protector. When we looked at his huge parents, they were both in cages and very unhappy about us holding their babies. They were barking and standing up against their cage wall. Josh said, when he saw the father he told himself, "I wouldn't go in a yard with that!" Hopefully his (soon to be) large body will scare off any unwanted known as "tefs" (thieves). Now comes the hard part of housebreaking our alarm system.

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