Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Out in the fresh Open Air

Tuesday January 26, 2010
We went out today and ran a few errands. Out of the house...whooo...hoooo! We stopped and bought some fresh vegetables from an open air market. There are grocery stores...nothing like WalMart...but decent ones. Grocery stores are more expensive and I really enjoy the interaction when talking to them at a booth. When we stopped at this lady's booth she was genuinely happy to see us. How many hours she spends there is anyone's guess... just to make a few dollars to get by. She had a little cot in the corner behind her table and a book laying upside down on it. We bought 5 pounds of Irish (potatoes) for $J500, 2 pounds carrots for $J250, 1 sweet pepper $J100, and 5 medium size onions for $J100 for a total of $J950 = $10.76 US. She gave the girls each a banana as we turned to leave. I love Jamaica.

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