Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You can’t come in my house...not by the hair of your chinny chin chin

Tuesday, December 29, 09
I was reading a storybook to Eden today with my back toward the front door. I hear a man say, “Excuse me.” So I turned around, and a few feet away from me a tall Jamaican man was leaning against my front grill with his arms resting inside it. The door was open, as usual, but the grill was locked. Praise the Lord. It took me off guard since we have a fence, but I looked past him to see that someone had left it open. He asked me if I lived here and I told him only for a few more days. Then he asked if he could come in and look at the house. I said, “not by yourself.” Next door there is a retired American man, and I told him to go get that man and I’d let him see the house. The man told me that the American next door was his uncle....fat chance. And he even pretended to call him on his cell phone, then tell me that his uncle was to busy to come right now. I told him I still wasn’t letting him in my home, so he told me he would come back in about an hour. He never came back, and I’m convinced he was just trying to get in our home especially when he saw I was a white American.
I praise the Lord for protecting me and my girls, and I learned a lot from the situation. Just that morning, the girls and I been playing in the front yard with the grill open.

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