Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Advantages of Skirts

(I did not write this by myself, but I think this is really good and wanted to share - Maria)
They are feminine.
     What better way is there to say, "I like being a lady?"
They are unique to females.
     There are only two types of men in our society who can wear robes - judges and priests.  Pretty significant, don't you think?  Women can wear them every day; why not take advantage of it?
They are pretty.
     Most feminine things are  :)
 They have variety.
     Wearing jeans every day is so boring.  Skirts and dresses come in every shape and color.
They are comfortable
     They have such a lovely, free, open feeling.  Plus, many of them are much softer than pants.  (Miniskirts and those with slits up to the thighs aren't so comfy.)
They are easy to shop for.
     Pants have to fit in 100 places whereas skirts really only have to fit in the waist.  Plus, they're generally cheaper if you shop in the right places.
They are flattering.
     People don't have to see those 100 places.  A dress will just flow right over them.
They are old-fashioned. 
     The vast majority of women over the vast majority of history always wore dresses and I like feeling a connection to the women who came before me when I dress like them.
They are classy
     I always feel so much nicer and more ladylike when I'm in a skirt.  I'm also generally more productive when I take the time to dress nicely in the morning.  Staying in jogging clothes or p.j.s makes me feel lazy.
They are fun to spin in. 
     It's true!
They are romantic
     Okay, I have a way to kill the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.  Put Juliet in breeches.
They add mystique.
     An alluring aura of mystery hangs about a girl who doesn't bare all.
They catch the wind.
They catch the eye.
     A miniskirt of painted on jeans might catch the eye in one way, but a lady dressed with dignity catches it in quite another. 
They are elegant.
     They have this cool flowy thing going on.

But perhaps the greatest reason why I love dressing this way is because of the beautiful, holy lady that I have in my  mind as a model for Christ-filled women.  (literally)


Lil-Rosi said...

That's great! Love it! ;)

Jolene said...

Great, great, great post! I agree with all of it and think so many women are missing out on the true joy of being a LADY!

Jenn Bontrager said...

Is that picture of you in the skirt and shoes at the top of the post? I love that skirt!

momto9 said...

Wow ....I never really thought about it this way.
I think you just insprired me to wear more skirts!

Kayte said...

i followed this link over from Jessica's blog... great list! =)

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