Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who prayed for Niagara Falls?

This evening ended with cinnamon rolls baking in the oven...homemade ones, by the way!  As the cinnamon smell floated through the air I relished it.... and the the beautiful sound of the pouring rain on the roof.  I LOVE a good storm!  Of course I'll say that till a hurricane hits!  After finishing up the... ever growing pile.... of dirty dishes, I contentedly strolled through the school room into the living room with the intent of going to Josh's office.  I  had a "smile on my face and a song in my heart."

Until my feet slipped out from under me and I almost did a back flip worthy of the Olympics!   My first thought was, that the dog had an accident.  But before I could find my rolled up newspaper I noticed that the entire floor was wet....school room.... into the living room... around the corner.  As I looked closely there was a steady stream running down the stairs leading to the roof!

I believe it is my daughter, Moriah's, fault.  See after we took her to see Niagara Falls, she prayed every night that God would give her a waterfall of her own.  Every meal time and night for about 5 months!!!!  Proof that God answers prayers...and who are we to say exactly how and when we want them answered!

I've swabbed more floors in the last 5 months then most sailors on shipboard!  My home is entirely tiled, and it looks mighty purdy when mopped and shiny...but..between you and me it's not that way all the time.  More like 50/50...(smiles).  I just keep a mop bucket always filled cause I use it.....yep...all the time!

After I got to looking, the beautiful rain shower had blew into my school room, the guest room, the laundry room and the biggest fiasco was the girl's bedroom.  Of course, their floor was spic and span with no toy, book, or article of clothing laying on the floor to get dirty.  I mean...what's the big deal...I do have an automatic washing machine...right?...?  What more could I ask for?  Ok, so you moms with real kids know that their room was a disaster and we had a huge mess to clean up.  That's life.

Looking at the bright side....the cinnamon rolls were amazing!

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