Friday, April 30, 2010

Living on LOVE

"When my bankroll is getting small....I remember when I had none at all. And I fall asleep counting my blessings!"

This is a sign I painted to hang over our bed.

We received such a big blessing a few days ago. There is a single lady in our home church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This lady is such a blessing and encouragement to us. I am honestly and sincerely humbled by everyone who believes in us and gives sacrificially to help our family.

When we first started traveling on deputation, I was so embarrassed about having to rely on others to give us "love" offerings to get from church to church. Josh and I both grew up working for everything we had. The mentality that we couldn't afford the gas to get to our next meeting...or buy that cheeseburger at McD's without the help of others...was a little hard to adjust too. And some churches give a little more "love" then others....have you ever had to share a cheeseburger? That's what I call a diet! After I learned to swallow my pride and rely on the Lord, it is amazing to see God answer prayers and provide! Just Amazing. I could share stories of having no food or gas money and someone slips us a green handshake as we head out the door. That's God.

Back to the wonderful lady! This lady, unexpectedly, gave us a sum of money a few days ago. Because she is a family friend, we know that this lady makes personal sacrifices to be a blessing to us. Is there a more humbling thought...then someone doing without to make YOUR life better?

We took her money and bought ourselves a bed! I'm so excited about it. The girls have a bunk bed that their Memaw and Papa bought for them, but Josh and I have been sleeping on the floor for 6 months. Furniture is very expensive here. This lady's gift, let us buy a bed and I think it is just beautiful! I'm so very thankful to be off the concrete! I really wasn't looking forward to sleeping on the floor at 9 months pregnant! God knows our hearts desire!


Jessica Curtis said...

It's beautiful! So excited for you!

Mendi... said...

God is good!!! :o) Those unexpected blessings are the most fulfilling! I love the bed!!!


Katie said...

Beautiful bed, Maria!! The Lord knows just what we want and need, doesn't He?!! I am so happy for you!

Rosa B. said...

What a special blessing for you! The bed is beautiful!

Jolene said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

We too slept on the floor for a LONG time... Until hubby went to the "wood market" and bought some lumber and put together a make-shift bed that actually lasted us a couple of years! We are STILL using the make-shift kitchen table about 6 years later! It has "grown" on us and I could not imagine anything else for our family!

Unknown said...

Ut's beautiful!! Your romo looks very pretty!

So glad for you... God is good!

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