Friday, May 7, 2010

God Bless Military Wives

This is the last picture of me and my siblings and parents. Soon after this picture my littlest sis, went to Oklahoma to Bible College, my dad left for a tour in Afghanistan, and I left for Jamaica.

In this picture, we are "showing Dad how strong we're gonna be while he's gone!" We have a lot of fun!

I'm proud to say my father is in the United States military. He has been home on a few days leave, but he left yesterday morning, from Springfield, Missouri, to head back to Afghanistan. I can't say how proud I am of him and my mom.

It's not easy by far, and many times, those of us who have our Man around all the take out the trash and open the pickle jars...forget the sacrifices of military wives.

So this blog is for my Mom. She a wonderful, strong Christian lady waiting at home on an army base in Missouri. All the while, raising her sons Levi 9 and Caleb and Jacob 7. My parents, have 7 kids...of whom, I'm the oldest...and tallest...till my brothers get older!

So this blog is for my Dad. Who lives far away in a foreign desert. Jamaican phones won't call there, but I do talk to him on skype almost every other day. My Eden, who was named after her Papa Dennis, always points to the computer and reminds us to "call papa".

I'm so proud of you both!

This last picture is a picture of my parents walking into the airport yesterday morning as Dad leaves to finish his tour in Afghanistan. God Bless the Soldiers and God Bless the wives and families that stay behind! (tears)


Jolene said...

Love the family pictures! And, blessings to your Daddy for serving our country!

Kayte said...

Thank you all for your sacrafice, especially your Mom. I think our military wives often; I can not even imagine all they go through. We're so grateful and proud of our servicemen!

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