Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Peanut Sitting on a Railroad Track

My next door neighbor, gave me a bag of mangoes from her tree. They are so beautiful...but unfortunately ....we don't like the way they taste. There are many different types of mangoes here, and I'm not sure what these are called...unless you go by Alexis "ugh".

Praise the Lord! I'm getting to feel a little more "human" during my awake hours! Not enough that I want to scrub and mop the entire house....but thankfully that urge doesn't hit me very often. *wink* I still get a few hours of "just let me lay in front of a fan....and don't talk to me!" But when that passes I can be mommy again.

There was an amazing wind coming of the Sea yesterday. To me, the sound of doors slamming in the house...is a good sign. It means, the wind is picking up and I'm not gonna sweat as much that day! hehe The princesses room was in a total shambles! I'm telling you that it looked like a hurricane hit...Josh calls it Hurricane Eden.

I couldn't make them stay inside when it was so gorgeous outside. So I gave them 2 bags of peanuts in the shells...spread out a quilt on the grass...and they were content for over an hour. Great how a peanut can be so occupying! I love being able to always send them outside with their messy snacks.

There was lightening across the mountains tonight and it was so beautiful. Since it was far, far away... we climbed out on the roof with the kids, so we could see above the houses. Lightening is so dangerous and beautiful all at once. It's kinda hard to describe the beauty of it flashing across the Jamaican mountains.
Our night ended with a few rousing games of Disney Princess dominoes. I LOVE board games....unfortunately my husband doesn't. That really narrows down my adult choices. So I've taught my girls to play games and they are pretty good. My 4 year old won the first two games with no help.

I'M THANKFUL that when I'm picking green beans out of my garden, in Jamaica, I don't have to worry about any of those big Missouri snakes being wrapped around one of the plants....childhood nightmare!

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