Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who Says Snails are for Boys?????

My girly girls are such a good combination. Who'd a thought that you can wear a gun belt with a princess dress? Or that baby dolls love playing in the mud puddles? Baby dolls do, cause Ethel told me! Then Ethel's mommy (Alexis) gave her a was a mess.

A few days ago, the girls discovered a snail sanctuary by one of my flower beds.
Alexis discovered it first.
I discovered Alexis digging them out from between the blocks with one of my kitchen spoons.
Alexis then discovered that she doesn't use mommy's utensils for snails and slugs.

They had a lot of fun collecting them in containers and relocating them on walls and flower pots. My princesses think it's so cool how they stick and crawl. Yeah...I know...kinda gross. But that's what "poor" kids do! (wink...wink)

There was weeping and wailing in our household tonight. Yesterday, before Eden and I took a nap, I told the princesses to clean up their room or I was going to "give it all away!" "Ha's so funny", thinks Moriah.

Knowing that it wasn't finished or barely even started on, today I repeated the order. A few hours and giggles later, Moriah comes running that Eden had an "accident" in the floor. I come into the hurricane devastation site to see that Eden had not just had an accident on the floor. My littlest princess had climbed to the top ladder of the bunk bed and then...uh oh. So there was a much bigger mess.

After removing the contaminated items and throwing them in the washing machine. This "mama on her last straw" marched into the room carrying a bag. (shudder) Fear radiated from their eyes as realization set in! "Mama was serious!" "She really doesn't just talk to hear her own voice." I made them sit on the edge of the bed and watch as I crawled on my belly under the bed, made big sweeps with my arms and dumped it all in the bag. The tears were flowing freely as I slowly and dramatically dropped the last treasures into... (deep scary voice)... THE BIG BAG.

Believe you me.....there was a couple of devastated little princesses. Prince Charming came to the rescue. Daddy told them if they worked at keeping their room clean for a whole week (!!!) then they could have their stuff back.

I just rolled my eyes and whispered, "softie" in his ear.

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