Monday, June 14, 2010

Curiosity Killed the Carrot

As usual, my mornings start so much sooner then I want. This morning Eggie, the gardener next door, started his lawn mower before 7 AM!!! It sounded like it was right beside my bed...but I knew Drago wouldn’t let him in the yard. Good ole Drago. Alexis and Drago were outside playing in the yard on Saturday and I heard Drago “pitching a royal fit”. When we walked out on the veranda to check on them, Eggie had climbed the wall to get some fruit from the tree that we share with our neighbor.

If I could show you a picture of Eggie...this would be a very amusing picture. Especially Eggie up in a tree. You see, I think he is about 85 and usually wears a red scarf wrapped around his head. You got to give the guy ALOT of credit though, because he is a hard worker....even though he doesn’t move very fast. His lawn mower is .....well...interesting. I think they have the same birthday. Each time he starts it up I expect it to die...but it chugs and sputters along...singing “I think I can....I think I can.”

Since the princesses still slept, I ate my bowl of coco pebbles out on the veranda in peace. I didn’t have to share a bite with anyone. {rare occasion}

(George’s sticking little feet climbed all over the girl’s shirts....they loved it)

When my girlies got up, I asked them “What are you going to do on your first day of summer vacation?" First, I had to explain what summer vaca meant. Moriah thought today was the first day of first grade! Wow, I'm not ready to hit the books yet, we just finished Kindergarten on Friday. Plus, their school books for fall are in a barrel in Louisiana getting ready to jump a ship for Jamaica.

After much thought... whispers back and forth...they decided on......
{drum roll}..."let's hide Easter eggs, Allie."

Definitely not what I was expecting. Being a mom is so exciting. Their attention span didn't last long enough to make me dig out the Easter eggs...thankfully. They got to running around the yard chasing butterflies and lizards. Which my little princesses surprised me by each catching one. I didn't get a picture of the butterfly that Moriah caught in Prince Charming's fishing net, but the Lizard (loving called George) occupied their attention for quite a time.

As they were chasing the insects and reptiles. I was weeding my garden and being chased by the mosquitoes. I accomplished a lot and even planted a new, long row of string green beans. Curiosity overcame me as I was watering my carrots. They have been growing....possibly.....well honesty, I can't remember....but a long time. I was wondering what was going on under the soil. So I pulled one up. Cute little rascal...but not edible. It did smell like a carrot though. I was gonna stick it down in the dirt again...but a curious princess tore off the orange part. {I wasn't surprised}

(Eden wearing a different outfit every few hours....but always backwards!)

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momto9 said...

ha life is just NEVER boring with little kids now is it! All your georges are so cute!

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