Monday, September 6, 2010

Imagination of a Princess

The princesses and I have been using our imaginations today.  Princess Moriah said, "Mom, let's make today a fun day....not as special as a Christmas, more like a Valentines's Day." {Humm}

My girlies have always been intrigued by tiny miniature things.  Alexis said today, she wanted to make a butterfly house for the butterflies to come and live in.  That's kinda how it started.  Moriah got in on it and wanted to create a little home for fairies to live in.  So we found some discarded pieces of cardboard, lots of glue, and little odds and ends.  They climbed the wall and stole leaves off the neighbor's soursop tree, because "the leaves are always greener on the other side of the fence."  {so true}
Princess Alexis was working hard on threading the twine 
through the felt to make a hammock.
She wanted a pillow for her butterfly, 
so she went and got a cotton ball.
This is Alexis's furnishings.  
I helped her hot glue legs on her table, 
but the grass hasn't seen a weed-eater in awhile.  
Her box was a flat one, like soda cans come in.  
She glued leaves on to "make it invisible to anyone walking by."  
{very sweet}  
Alexis also sprinkled butterfly food around inside the house.  
She wants to make a little sign, to put out front, saying
 "Butterflies bees allowed."

Now, Princess Moriah's Fairy House
I gave her a cereal box to start with and she cut a door 
and then opened the back up.
She worked hard drawing a book case, picture on the wall, 
and log fireplace.
She wanted a flat bed, so we broke some tongue depressors, 
and she hot glued them with a little piece of board.  
It was really windy so we ended up putting some glue on her pillow and toilet paper...I mean blanket.
Moriah wanted a rug, so she cut a piece of felt and found a tiny tea pot and cup to place on her table.  She made the table out of an empty thread bobbin and a blue water jug cap.  Oh, she cut a little window that the fairy could open and close.
We made the roof out of a piece of poster board 
and she glued {and reglued} leaved on it.  

The door was the most time consuming.  She wanted a wooden one, so I made her find little twigs and I helped her weave twine through them and then she hot glued two twigs across them.  
Now, to find the perfect place for the home.
Moriah made a little path, out of white rocks, 
to lead up to the front door.

We had so much fun creating these little houses.  I love how their imagination works.

Oh, yes!  I do have 3 princesses!  We'll here's what the littlest one was doing.

Eating a carrot.  Then, turning Moriah's table over and sticking colored pencils in it. 

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Lil-Rosi said...

That is so adorable!!! :) Love their creative minds!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Maria!!! I can't wait until our "brood" grows; but I am enjoying my time with little Ally. Great use of a fun day!!!

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