Friday, September 24, 2010

"Kissing" Cousins

 I've been staying at my parents house, and one of my sisters came to spend the week with us...bringing Prince Evan.
   I think it's a proven fact that little girls are more lovey dovey then little boys!  Princess Eden is really enjoying her cousin Evan.  Prince Evan is 9 days older and together they make a handful!

   These pictures look like Eden is all "sugar and spice and everything nice"...... how deceptive is that?   She bite him twice yesterday.  I know... I'm embarrassed... who teaches children things like that?  Not sure why, maybe he tasted good.  She's really bossy to him also....maybe I did teach her that.  {wink}

Aren't cousins so much fun?  I love spending time with my family.

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