Thursday, December 16, 2010

“Mom, Why?

December 4, 2010
Faint glow of sunshine coming in the window....{gasp}’s morning!    Gotta go...gotta go...gotta go, go, go.  
“Somebodies” chipper little children are already running around the house.      
{waddle, waddle down the hall}...the day has began!
“Mom, I want fruity pebbles.”
Eden, do you want oatmeal?
“Mom, can I have cinnamon toast?”
Three separate breakfast orders coming right up.
One wants apple juice, one wants chocolate milk, and one wants hot cocoa.
“Drink ALL your milk”
“It is not to hot!”
“Blow your nose.”
“It doesn’t matter what color your vitamin it!!!”
“Go wake up your Father.”
“Yes, I see the chocolate milk on your jammies.  Make sure you put it by the washing machine.”
Next step, scrub their faces... brush their teeth.  Check.
“Your clothes are already laid out on the couch.”
“Go wake up your Father.”
“What do you mean your panty hose are gone?”
“Let’s see, the last time I wore your shoes...I put them....”
“Why is the hairbrush never in the same place twice?”
“Didn’t I tell you to wake up your Father?”
“Stand still while I brush your hair.”
Load the washer.
Clean up majorly overflowing trash can. 
“Sit on that couch and don’t you move!”
{Shriek!}  I looked in the mirror.  
{Shriek!  Shriek!!}  Looked at the clock!
15 minutes to make myself look presentable!  Wonder if I can spend 10 minutes of it taking a nap?
Turn off the Christmas tree lights.
Put away milk.
Shut off lights.
Remember the jammies with chocolate milk down the front?  Somehow they got in the bed room floor.
Turn down the heater.
Grab my coffee and my purse.
Out the door.
Back through the door... to grab the cupcakes and a blanket for Eden’s legs.
Out the door.
Waddle, waddle to the van.  Open side door to buckle children.
One impish little face turns to me and sweetly asks, 
“Mama, why are you ALWAYS the last one out the door?”
{Deep sigh}
Slowly, I turned and just got into my seat.  Realizing that she wouldn’t understand... at least not for about 18 more years.

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