Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cave Explorers

Jan 1, 2011
A hop...skip...and a jump (drive) from my parent's house....up a steep dirt road... wade through some densely grown trees..... stumble down a a rocky path....  and you get to.......
                                                         a thin little trail.  Scared yet?

You might be if you saw the trail!  The first time my parent's showed me I was seriously shocked Dad actually let us walk here.  You slowly and very carefully walk along the trail, careful of the severe drop-off inches away.

Why do we dare go there?  'Cause we have serious thrill issues?  Not exactly.

Because there is one of nature's hidden caves on the side of the bluff and we are going exploring!

Our fearless leader!   Just joking! 
Not that I don't trust you, sis...but.

There are many little tunnels to explore.

Princess Alexis and Aunt Monica

Just you wait, Caleb!
2 of my sisters....don't be to hard on me 
it is New Year's and I'm kinda tired!

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Heidi B said...

You look wonderful! No one could guess you just gave birth to your fourth!

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