Saturday, January 8, 2011

See lil’ Princess, the Very Best Gift is Yourself

Christmas Day, December 25, 2010
Yourself is really the best gift you can give.
Three Christmas’s ago we started a tradition with our girls.  We would do our gift giving early in the morning and then we would take presents around to some of our friends and spread a lil’ Christmas cheer.  We would just drop in unexpected, maybe give a little Christmas gift or treat and only stay for about 5 minutes then buzz on to our next friend.  
Last year we couldn’t do this because our Christmas day was spent moving from one side of the Island to the other.  But the princesses were so excited about planning our surprise visits this year.
Our first stop was a retired soldier living in the nursing home in my hometown.  He is a faithful member of our supporting church here in Kahoka.  It was so precious to see his face light up when the girls came into his room.  They gave him hugs and a gift.  When we left after our visit he said we had, “made his day.”
See little princess, the very best gift you can give is yourself.

After a few other quick visits we dropped in at the local Nutrition Site.  They were having a free meal for anyone who came today and it was packed out.  We hadn’t been there very long when a sweet older lady went over to the piano and started playing the cheery tune of Rudolph the Rednose Raindeer.  Princess Alexis asked if she could go stand by her and watch.  She was shy though, and convinced her sisters to go with her.  Princess Eden climbed up on the bench with the lady and was given a big smile.  The pianist started playing songs for the girls to sing and she played many simple Christmas songs and then started on some Sunday School songs.  Children’s voices are so special to all the grandparents sitting around eating.  
See little princess, the very best gift you can give is yourself.
Next, we went over the river and through the woods {literally} to my Great-Grandma’s house in the woods.  The beautiful snow around the rural countryside is so picturesque.  Just like riding through a Christmas card from Currier and Ives.  I’ll admit...I spent most of the the hour {plus} trip snoring.  But, every time I was woke up by an urgent cry of, “MOMMM!!!” I’d notice that the view was so “Christmasy”.
My Little Grandma was very sleepy today.  After she finished her lunch, I laid 2 week old little Brynlee on the table in front of her.  I toke my G-Grandma’s beautiful soft hand and placed it on Brynlee’s tiny little one.  

Grandma Mona felt her Great-Great Granddaughter's fingers and then stroked the little princess’s velvety soft head.  
See little princess, the very best gift you can give is yourself.

Just because I love sharing pictures in my posts,
 this is some of the beautiful snow.... 
I just LOVE the snow!

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