Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Your Party!

February 5, 2011
The big Birthday Party!!!
Princess Eden's birthday is really soon is cousin is cousin Philip.
We were going to have a party for Eden before we left. 
I always feel so guilty because we visit family 
and celebrate MY kids, 
but we never seem to be there for the other kid's days.
Sooooo.... my sis-in-laws and I put our heads together
(that could be dangerous!)
 and we decided to have a 
"if you're having a birthday this year" party.
I totally loved the idea. 

Aunt Christine made each kid their very own white cake, 
then we filled muffin tins with big "dollops' of frosting 
and made them all different colors.
It was so fun to see each child's creativity.
They had a huge amount sprinkles to chose from.
Princess Alexis

Apparently you can't lick your fingers (over and over) 
and then pick up sprinkles!

Cousin Micah

We let them put candles on their cakes and then we
.....lit them....{gasp}!
I turned into a big fire hazard 
not only because there were so many little kids 
standing by their candles, 
but also because it took me F-o-r-e-v-e-r to get them all lit.  
I know that now, but we didn't have 
any scorched eyebrows out of the ordeal.
We sang a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday" 
and had so much fun.
We also had each kid bring a small gift, that way each got a gift.  
And we asked the MawMaws 
(that's a southern word for "Grandma" for all you fellow Yankees)
to bring candy for their favor bags instead of presents.

wishing you a very merry un-birthday, 

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