Monday, March 14, 2011

Daddy is the Toothfairy?

Saturday, March 12
Princess Moriah lost another tooth this morning.  
My {widdle} baby is growing up!
The first thing she wanted to do 
is call her Uncles on skype so she could show them!
It's so cool, that we can be overseas, 
but still share special moments in each other's lives.
She asked me who the toothfairy was so I told her daddy.  
For some reason Moriah and Alexis found this completely hilarious 
and couldn't stop cracking jokes about daddy wearing 
a fairy costume.

The "toothfairy" found this note after bedtime.
Translation of the letter:
"Tooth fairy, I would appreciate it if I get money 
and keep my tooth at the same time."
(with 2...not just 1 smilie faces)

Before you start thinking that the Jamaican toothfairy is a big tipper, 
J$100 is only about enough to cover the cost of a candy bar.   
Great for their teeth, right?


Laine said...

Hi! I found your blog via my friend Sarah's blog and I have really been enjoying reading through it! I am not a missionary wife, but I am a pastors wife and your blog has been so encouraging. =)

Jennifer Horn said...

Maria, after reading this post all I could think of was Josh in a fairy costume. LOL I can see why the girls were laughing so much!

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