Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dressed for Business

Saturday, April 9
Saturdays are "visiting" days.  We stop by our faithful members to just say a quick "hi".  Then we walk different streets and roads, talking to people and inviting people to visit our church.

Today, our ladies wanted to do a deep cleaning of the school room we meet in.  It was a very sweet idea so we picked them up and they were dressed for business.  Hair covered with bright bandanas they emptied the room and scrubbed the walls, little crevices around the windows, baseboards...everything!  They even had Pastor climb up and remove the curtains.  Then, Moriah and a lady took them to an outside faucet, scrubbed them clean, then laid them over some flower bushes to dry.  They carried many buckets of water and mopped the concrete floors and then eventually the sidewalks around the room.  Alexis and I wiped down all of the old folding chairs that we sit on each week.  The room smelled so good!  I was very impressed with how nice it looked and I'm so thankful for their hard work.

Please join us in praying for a more permanent building.  
Pastor and I visited several ladies who have attended the church before and invited them to the Mother's Day Luncheon I'm having in our home.  I'm excited about all the details for this.  

When I think of a ladies luncheon, I picture dainty little sandwiches, lots of pretty little cookies, some fancy decorated cakes, and a crystal punch bowl.  When we were going over the menu together you'll never guess what they want as the main food???  Goat!  {raised eyebrows}  Not exactly as I pictured it, but we're gonna make it work!

Here are the invitations I made.  I think they are so cute.  I gave them to my ladies to remind them, and for them to pass out to their guest.
 I think this is going to be a really fun time for the ladies. If you have any tips or game ideas please share them!


Sistergirl said...

Just hoppin by, I love your idea for a Mother's Day luncheon.The invitation are pretty and dainty.
Ladies in the island like that.

All women want to do something special for their mothers. Its a relax atmosphere and you can show Christianity in action. Let us know in the blog world how it went.

Kami Gimenez said...

Oh, Maria! I love goat meat!! Can I come? ;o)
Have a great time!

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