Saturday, May 14, 2011


Without a doubt... that has to be one of my children singing "Take me out to the Ballgame", at the top of their lungs, in the back yard.
Outside, three happy little kids are sitting with chickens in their laps.  A strange toy you say?  Did I mention they were happy?

(forgive the early morning hair...
Moriah was mortified that I was taking pictures)

Do you want to know something really gross?  Of course you don't... so stop reading and click somewhere else.  Go look at someones cute craft idea or pictures.  You don't want to hear about the perils of living where there is bugs and creepy crawling things...well do you?  Come back later and I'll have a nice sweet post.

Still here?  Boy, you're brave.

Bugs, bugs....everywhere!  Here on the Island we have bugs...{gasp!} Real shocker right?  Missionary's wives are supposed to deal with things like that and accept it.

{stomp...stomp...stomp!}  Well I don't like them! Remember when the giant roach crawled out of the shower drain and up my leg, while I had soap in my eyes?  Remember the season where I continually found bug eggs on my laundry?  Remember the story of the zillions of ants that got in the sealed container to eat my chocolate chip cookies?  I could go on.  (Just look under my "creepy, crawly things label)

Not to mention the lizards.  Ok, did I mention the 4 or 5 inch lizard that fell on me while I was walking down the hall several weeks back? {full body shudder}  Apparently there is some kind of "have eggs in the white ladies kitchen" party going on....'cause we've been finding lizard eggs here and there for weeks.  One morning there was one in the center of the dining room table.  Just laying there on my "nice, clean" table cloth.

The "straw that broke the camel's back" is the ticks.  A few weeks ago we started finding big fat gray ticks in the house.  Maybe about 4 or 5 every day, for about a week. Just sporadicly.  We thought they were coming in on our German Shepherd.  So we redid his Frontline and heavily sprayed the yard for a few days and the problem seem to go away.

One day last week I was sweeping the living room.  I noticed that there were black circles all over the place in one corner of the room.  I didn't have the light on, and I had the door closed to keep the breeze from blowing the dirt.  I continued to sweep all the little circles up and then noticed they were all over the wall.  {Humm}  "What kind of a mess did the girl's do now?"

I flip on the light and lean closer for an inspection.   {spastic jiggle dance}  They were ticks!  Hundreds of them!  All over the floor and walls.  "Joooooosh!"

Nope.  I'll never get used to the bugs.  Still, no matter if I decide to rant and rave or stomp up and down they won't go away.  I just might decide to do that every now and then... it makes me feel better.  But life goes on and when it is all said and was only a bug.


Tinyla said...

GROSS!!! I found a tick crawling on my neck Tuesday morning. All day long I kept checking myself for more; but I never found any. I can only imagine it got in my dress while it was on the line; but I am definitely going to look into herbs to detract ticks and mosquitos. I can't imagine finding that many in my house. Praying for you guys; but I know you wouldn't trade your lot in life for anything in the world and I am proud to call you may friend. Love you lots!

Mama to the Princesses said...

I have enjoyed reading a bit of your blog. :)

Each time we visit Singapore I am freaked out by the bugs. Eek! Not a fan!
I was once held hostage standing on a toilet (while holding one of my children) by a gigantic cockroach blocking the door.
It's funny now, but then...ugh!

Jessi said...

Not A bug--hundreds of them, you said!!! Ticks would be the last straw for me too. Ugh! I hope I never have to deal with them here. I'll take the lizards, spiders, and centipedes any day. But you are right, life does go on.

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie said...

We had the attack of the giant ants on the back porch yesterday - inch long black ants. Gilbert (6) always calls Danny (4) when he sees a bug of any kind so that Danny can kill it for him. Keep stomping!

Jessica Curtis said...

hehe! It's funny to me because I wasn't there, though I'm shivering at the thought of hundreds of tics in my living room! Thankfully, I haven't found any tics, though we are high real estate (spaces are quickly filling) for tons of other unnameable creepy-crawly things.

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