Saturday, June 25, 2011

Truly Random Thoughts on Blogging

Just wanted to give a few thoughts on bloggin'.  To start it off, here's a random picture that has nothing what-so-ever to do with my post.
"Ok, mom, so you won't let me suck my thumb."  Princess Brynlee

I love the blogging world and recording my days with my Prince and Princesses.  I love the people I've met through it and I love how it encourages me to be a better wife and mom.

I've often been asked how I have time to keep at it, while balancing (the key) my four kids and hubby.  Here are a few of my random thoughts on blogging. And they are very random.

1. First I have a rule with myself, I never blog unless I've had my devotions that day.  If "inspiration" strikes...I write a little note to myself.  But my relationship with my Savior is more important to me then blogging.

2. "If you can't say something nice....don't say nothing at all!"  {hands on hips with raised eyebrows}     I try to purpose to talk....all sugary and less spicy.  If I wouldn't say something to your face, I don't want to say it on the screen in front of the "world".

3. Pictures are important.  I believe the more artsy and intriguing they are the more people will be drawn to look and read.

As hard as it is.....since I have the cutest kids... don't post a million pictures of them all at once.  Only their grandma will truly enjoy that....just being honest.  If I'm looking at a blog and it's just full of Junior...and Junior.... and Junior.  I get bored.

"Mi lik-ie di" eye candy.  Translated - If you have one good picture at the top of your post it kinda sucks me in.  Like the little moth to the bug zapper.

4. I aspire to record real life.  The laughter, the frustrations, the soggy banana peel on the living room rug.  I don't wish for anyone to envy or covet my life on the Island.  I don't want to paint a picture of  missionary life as something it is not.  I don't want people to think it's all bugs and no electricity and I don't want people to think it's all sunnin' at the beach.....there has to be balance.

I want my readers to love their own life and be better parents and spouses.

5. I keep a continual list on the old pen and paper.  If there's a thought I want to pursue or something funny the kids do I jot it down and come back to it when I have time later.  I don't have a set time to do my blogging.  Usually I don't have a lot of time to sit still.  So I piece it together through the day, pray about it, post it.

6. Commenting on others blogs really helps your numbers grow.  It is also a huge encouragement to others out there.  Remember to be sincere.... not gushy.  I love getting comments...they make me super excited.  I know.... I miss the interaction with people.  I read them and reread them.  If you have a blog link I always click on it to catch up with you.  I also Love returning emails.

I only recently learned that if you have the comments sent to your email it makes life so much easier.  Also if the commenter has a back link it is so much nicer.  Do you have that?  If you do I will return your emails.  I was returning every email I received then I realized that so many come up "no reply commenter"  or something like that.  But you don't realize that if you just click reply.   So if you want me to answer you or anyone to reply back here's what you need to do.

Link up your email with blogger.  That way someone can just shoot you an email response back.  It's easier then you think and it makes it so nice.  Ready?

Go to your blog and sign in.
Click on "customize" up at the top.
Click on "Dashboard" up at the top.
Click on "Edit Profile" (second option down next to your profile picture)
Check the box (third line down) that says "show my email address."
Scroll down a little.
Make sure your e-mail address is entered in the "Identity" section.
Scroll all the way to the bottom.
Click "Save Profile."

You'll be really happy you did.  It's easy.

Have a lovely day,
Tip on "how to link up to blogger" is from This Robbed Blogging Tips List


Rachel said...

Thanks for your thoughts on blogging. I am always interested in how other ladies keep their balance. Any tips and helpful hints are useful to me =)

JoyFilled said...

Great thoughts! So true about making sure you get in some time with God BEFORE blogging, as getting too consumed by it certainly messes up priorities.

NHM said...

Hi Maria,
Just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I don't even remember where I first saw it, but I feel a kinship, being just across the Caribbean from you! :) Thank you for the bits of humor and many little inspirations you share! Blessings, Rhonda

Chris and Carole said...

Thanks for sharing! I've really enjoyed the other missionary wives I've "met" in blog world! The interaction with them is a huge encouragement to me.

Joy Liz said...

Mrs. Maria,
This is very thought provoking and so helpful to me. The first tip really spoke to me. I would like to link this post on my blog, but I wanted to ask you first just to make sure you were O.K. with it. Thank you again for this wonderful post.
In HIS love,
joy liz

P.S. The Indian Princess Hairdo is so cute. I need to try it on my sister.

Rosa B. said...

Love this post! I always enjoy hearing other people's perspectives on blogging.
As always, I love your blog! :)

Paula said...

Thanks for the info! I just implemented the changes you suggested. Now, if I ever get a chance to actually ever say anything on my blog! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love your thoughts, Maria. I have a link to your blog on my phone, so, one click and I'm catching up with you! You are doing a great job with balancing the sweet and the not-so-sweet! :)That's what real life is like! It's so encouraging to see you and other missionary wives faithfully serving the Lord and sharing what He is doing in your lives! I TOTALLY agree on the picture-drawing-you-in viewpoint. And the too-many-kid-pics. I don't blog, but I do post TONS of pics of my kids on our photo blog because my inlaws live so far away. Grammy loves it (and so do I - it's my online-scrapbook!) Keep posting! You do such an awesome job! Love ya!

Bethany said...

Thank you for the tips! I am working on starting up a blog after following a few blogs for a while (including yours!) - so the tips are helpful!

By the way, I LOVE your blog. I also tried the Indian princess hairdo on one of my sisters. She loved it!

Laine said...

Great post! And your first point was very convicting. Thanks for the reminder to keep our Lord the main thing!

I enjoy your blog so much, really need to comment more so you know it! =)

♥ Amy said...

Hi Maria,
I've tried to leave you several comments in the past, but they never show up. They were nice ones, too, so I don't think they were censored. ;)

You have some good, thought-provoking things here and I enjoyed reading your thoughts. When I read the one about leaving more comments, I thought I would come back and do that when I could (so here I am!) Not for the reason you mentioned, though, but because I just plain like you!

I appreciate you testimony, your sense of humor when life isn't always funny, your pretty pictures, your beautiful little princesses and your love for them, and so much more about you. I feel blessed to be able to say that I know you in real life. :) You are very special. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Love, Amy

P.S. Your blog is one that I allow my girls to read. Thank you for influencing their lives in a positive, godly way. XO

Rachel said...

I just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I am a pastor's wife in California and have 3 little girls myself. You are an inspiration to me and I admire your family dearly.

P.S. i just ordered a necklace and earings to say thanks for being so special!

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