Friday, July 15, 2011

Letters of Love

 I snapped this sweet picture of Princess Alexis, sitting in the doorway.  
Enjoying a good book and the evening breeze.

And what, may you ask, is this book that has her attention 
clasped so tightly?
Nothing less then the good ole' Hershey's Cookbook
....complete with {tantalizing} chocolate pictures.

My princesses love to look at desert cookbooks.
What can I say?  They have their mother's taste.
 I L-O-V-E receiving love letters from
Prince and our princesses.
Alexis worked quite a while on this and definitely
 put a lot of "love" into all those tricky letters.

It might be hard to read for some. 
She sometimes forgets to start from the left and work to the right.
Like on line 3 (starting from r to l)
"best girl in the..."
She told me the letter says, 
"dear mom, you are the best girl in the entire world."  
With lots of "i {heart} you's" sprinkled through it 
like colors on a doughnut.
 Have you wrote any love notes lately?


Jessi said...

That note is so precious, Maria. Seth is just starting to write "MOM" and "DAD" on pictures he colors for us. It makes it all the more precious when he tries to write something for us!

Chris, Carole, and Clan said...

That's so funny about the cook-book! I have a board-book of Hershey's recipes and my kids LOVE to look at all the colorful deserts in there!
The love note is so precious! What a little sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Maria! So sweet!

Emilie said...

That is so sweet! We love passing notes to each other at our house, too.

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