Saturday, August 27, 2011

a day on pagee beach

close your eyes

Imagine... a place unspoiled by the lucrative tourist trade

a long beach stretches out sprinkled with 
                brightly {hand}painted fishing boats
a few friendly people sit in front of small wooden shops
the spicy aroma of jerk chicken coming from a little cooking hut
a game of dominoes is being played by a group of men 
                        sitting under a palm tree
the calling of fishermen returning from the sea
sea gulls sweep down to beg for a scrap
my children's laughter as they jump in the gentle waves

welcome to Pagee Beach
The little boys floating by tried to sell us some lobster they'd caught.
Port Maria is becoming my favorite town in Jamaica.  It is off the tourist map.  Small and friendly.  And the shore line is breathtaking....seriously.  Each time we drive along the twisty road directly on the coast I catch my breath at God's amazing creations.   

Yesterday, we were able to meet some great friends (and their kids) who are missionaries in  the Capitol city.  We spent a relaxing day together on the beach.  The thrill seeking daddies swam out to explore Carbarita Island.  I'm not sure how far out the Island is but it took them 30 minutes to swim to it.

My friend, Christa, and I had an adventure of our own as we explored around the long beach and played in the waves with our children.  We visited with some locals and played with some children.
 Princess Brynlee was playing in the sand and this curious little baby waddled over.
There were some kids and a lady swinging on these two old swings.  We LOVE to swing.  It is so amazing how kids can make friends so quickly.  
Princess Moriah and her new friend Demetrius.
enjoying a day where life is simple,


Jessica said...

These are the most breathtaking and precious pictures EVER! I love the one of the littlest cute, and that little boy just adorable :) The last one is awesome too! Thanks for sharing!

kim said...

i absolutely LOVE all of your pitcures!!

Jessi said...

Looks like ya'll had a good time. Beautiful pictures.

missionarymomma said...

Love this. Great photos and great story. Wonderful memories.

Simple days are the best.

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