Friday, September 23, 2011

Stolen Blessings with guest writer

a child's shoulders fall as they turn away....the ignored {pretty} weed falling from their fingers
                 the little boy's baseball rolls away...unnoticed by daddy even though "watch this, daddy!" was repeated many times
    a grandma blinks in awkward silence as her offer to help in the nursery is gently refused so she can "enjoy the service"
Are you a Blessing Stealer?
This is a guest post by Mrs. Paula McNamar, a wife to an American soldier and mom to 7 great kids.  How do I know they are great kids?  Because I have the privilege of being the oldest of those kids.  Mom talked to me a few weeks ago about this subject and mentioned she was really burdened about it.  It really "rung my bell".  I've thought back to this subject many times since then.  I'm honored that my mom would share this with us today.

"Ever given a gift only to have it returned to you?  What a belittled feeling for the giver.  Sad to say but we have to guard against being the one who "steals the blessing" from someone else.  I of course am thinking mainly of my children.  It is so easy for me to "steal their blessing" and for me to not even know it.  Let's consider what kind of "blessing" would a child give... a flower, a masterpiece (picture), a hug, or maybe even a smile.  A child has little to give and yet they do give us their best.  It can take us as little as 10 seconds to stop....and give them your undivided attention and acknowledge that what they find important is also important to you.  We must purpose to "accept" the gifts that are give to us by our children.  It will fulfill a need we all have of giving to another.  This will make us fell loved, accepted, and needed.

I have concurred that the greatest pleasure in life is giving "a gift" to someone else.

This philosophy needs to be applied to adults as well.  I realize that we are extremely busy these day, but is is essential to stop and listen to feel what those we come in contact with are feeling too.  My perpetual prayer " God, help me to keep my big mouth shut and my ears alert!"  This should be not only our spouses, but people we come in contact with daily.  I know of little that will hurt a persons feelings like being told (not necessarily in words) "You are not needed here".  Look 'em in the eye.  Smile....if nothing else!

Anybody remember the song "What Can I Give Him?"

"What can I give Him, as poor as I am?  If I were a shepherd, I would bring a Lamb.  If I were a wise man, I would do my part.  Yet, what can I give Him?  Give Him my heart."

We should be thankful that God accepts us as we are with only the meager gifts that we bring to Him!  Thank you, Jesus, for loving me!"


Louisette said...

lovely blog familie, best regard from belgium

Anonymous said...

A little garlic oil in that ear of hers may do the trick. Nothing fancy, just a little vegetable oil with garlic (minced or powder), warmed, a few drops into the ear. God's miracle cure. I've used this many times, it has worked every time!

I've learned a few things from you ~ now it's my time to share with you ;)

Jessi said...

Wow! So true. It rang my bell today too.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

This was beautifully written! Thank-you for sharing!

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