Wednesday, October 19, 2011

white like popcorn

"mommy, I'm ready for you to teach me."
princess eden grace always wants to learn something new
colors are hard for her to remember their names
we were working on white today
she kept getting very frustrated with her white crayon
"it's not coming out!!!" she kept saying
shaking the crayon to make the color come to the end like a ketchup bottle
"white is like snow or snowmen, baby girl."
"mommy, what's snow, again?"
{hummm}  "white like popcorn."

count your blessings
#34 the feeling when you learn something new
#35 a husband not afraid of getting sweaty
#36 a Bible of my very own..don't take it for granted


Lissa said...

It amazes me how their little minds work sometimes! :o)

Andie Jaye said...

what a darling, precious picture. too bad we can't send her some of the snow we'll have soon!

lyss said...

Ha Ha! My 3 yr old daughter threw away all the white crayons because, "They don't work, Mommy!"

Maybe she won't toss them now that we have some colored paper. :)

Unknown said...

"White like popcorn" might be a better way of describing white here. When I do the wordless book in Sunday school, the little African kids always look at me a little funny when I say "white as snow." I described what snow is, but it just isn't the same as seeing it!

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