Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lil' Grandma's Gravy Boat

I spent a few days with my Grandma Grace, at her farm.  I asked lots of questions and enjoyed her reminising about her mother (who passed away a few weeks ago).  I love listening to Grandma talk about her childhood and especially about how her and my Papa Roy met.  Grandma fixed a feast with all the trimmings for supper and she served the gravy in my Lil' Grandma gravy boat.
The year was 1943, this was a large serving set that my Great-Grandma Mona Chrisman bought.   WWII was going on a Grandma Grace and her parents had moved from their farm to Kansas City so Grandpa could do his part and work in a bomber factory.  My Grandma remembers she was 8 years old when her mother brought this set home in a large wooden crate.  The only pieces left are the gravy boat, tea pot without the lid, and a large turkey platter.  Priceless. {tear-filled eyes}
This picture is of my sweet Papa Roy.  I loved and respected my Papa.  I don't remember him ever "getting after me" even when I was naughty my cousin Timmy would get in trouble and get blamed.  I was Papa's sweet little girl.  {onery grin}  He was my Pastor until I was 17 years old and he passed away of cancer when I was 18.  My sweet Papa Roy. 
I snapped a few pictures that my Gram had sitting around. 
I love how she looks here with her first little baby, Daniel.
 Gram and I had a wonderful time together last night.  We watched Tyrone Powers and Maureen O'Hara in the 1942 swashbuckler The Black Swan.  So very romantic.  We ate {very} buttered popcorn and laughed at the funny little quips that the pirates said.  We didn't get in bed til' 11:30 pm!

 (My beautiful Grandma Grace Starbuck)
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#77 a Godly heritage
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Jillian said...

What a heart-warming story. And perfect timing with Thanksgiving around the corner. Your Grandma is a beautiful lady-sounds like you had a wonderful time with her! :) What a blessing that your Grandpa was your pastor for so many years! A wonderful heritage. :)


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! My mother is in the final stages of dementia so there isn't much of her left. When she has lucid moments I try to get her to talk about her memories. This Thanksgiving will be bittersweet for me as I am very aware it is the last one with my mom, even if she is still here physically next year. I should write a post like this with some old photos so they will be saved for my children to see on my blog when they get older, along with all that is written about them as they grow.

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