Monday, November 7, 2011

the naked crab

Princess Eden was blessed with thin, silky smooth hair that refuses to stay back in a pony tail.  It seems to always be in her eyes.  This morning she was standing on the potty, looking in the mirror, as I was brushing her hair.  All of sudden she exclaimed, "I have eyebrows!!!"

It was a good day today.  A couple from our church came over so Prince could help the man work on his car.  (side note: my husband can do absolutely everything....just wanted to mention that!)  After working on the car most of the morning, the man went to town.  My friend, Jannice decided to stay behind.  I'm so happy she did.  Prince took us to the beach and we spent a relaxing few hours sitting under a sea berry tree and just talking.  The waves were choppy and it had the water stirred up, plus there was an overabundance of jellyfish floating in the edge of the shore.  Jellyfish are yucky and their sting is vicious (if anything jelly can be considered vicious).  We usually see at least one, but today there seemed to be hundreds.  So I didn't allow the princesses in the water, instead they built castles and chased crabs.
On the way back to the house, Prince stopped at the store and picked up some curry seasoning.  He loves curry chicken so I wanted Jannice to teach me how to make it for him.  She made my home smell so wonderful!  When Bro. Farouk came back from town the men went outside to work some more on the car...doing men stuff.
We did lady stuff.  We made a White Texas Sheet cake and I taught her how to play Skip-bo.  We laughed the rest of the day away.
It's so wonderful to have a friend that can show up....not worry that your rug isn't swept....and not feel like you need to put on make-up and curl your hair.

Just two ladies talking and enjoying the sweet, simple friendship.
One little thistle in my berry patch.  Jannice picked up a crab on the beach and wanted to carry it home and release it in her yard.  Well the little crab was fine hiding in his shell....sitting on my end my living room.  This evening the kids played with him for awhile and let him climb on their arms.  When Jannice gathered her things to go home the crab shell felt a little empty.  Apparently the crab left this shell and went in search of another more appropriate home.  We searched high and low, but somewhere wondering around my home is naked crab.  {full body jiggle dance} If you hear a {faint} blood curdling scream...uh huh.

count your blessings
#67 the smell of the salty it
#68 the sound of genuine laughter
#69 learning new things


Andie Jaye said...

you poor girl (said through my giggles). i had one of those aquatic african frogs one time that went missing from the fishtank. we ended up finding him on the other side of the house months later. i can understand your shuddering. but seriously, this post warmed my heart. how amazing it must be to have a friend like this. blessings.

Unknown said...

I had never heard of a White Texas Sheet Cake before! I had to look up a recipe for that! It sounds yummy!

Mr & Mrs John said...

Hello Maria!
Isn't it wonderful to be able to enjoy friendship with the people God's given you? What a blessing!
Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a special giveaway just for missionary mamas over at my blog. Come on over if you're interested!

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