Thursday, December 1, 2011

I had the easiest job

I made it back to Jamaica without any problems or much excitement.

I enjoy flying..... expect for the stress of packing the luggage then worrying if it's to heavy or my carry-on is to bulky.  Or that {thing} is gonna get broken no matter how many t' shirts I stuff around it....or what if I'm the 1/2 of the 1% of people who's luggage gets lost!
 If I had to single out the person I miss the most in America, it would be hard, but I'd have to say my dad.  He's quiet and funny and easy to talk to.  I think we've gotten a lot closer as I've become an adult and moved away.  Sad that it happens that way often.
 Last Monday, Dad took me out on a date to eat Mexican.  It was great to talk with him without any interruptions.  Dad doesn't give a lot of advice or suggestions.  He just listens.  That's {special}

Dad loves little kids and he really bonded with Princess Brynlee while we were in America.  He taught Brynlee a little trick where they mimic each other and keep coughing.  When Papa told her "bye" she smiled and coughed. {special}

Dad took me to catch my plane in St. Louis.  He looked very handsome in his military fatigues.  While we were standing in line to check in, a man came up and shook dad's hand.  He said, "I just want to say thank you."  {goosebumps}

Because dad was in uniform, they let him walk me all the way to my plane.
One quick last hug.
{Fighting back tears}

I know I had the easiest job....just walking away to get on the plane.

Dad had the hard job.  Watching his first baby girl leave.

I love you so much, dad.

count your blessings
#97 the feeling of my cheek on my dad's strong shoulders
#98 the American military


Rachel said... sweet. I miss my dad lots too. Your post made me miss him even more. Looking forward to our furlough in a few months.
It thrills my heart to see the relationship that my daughter (9 years old) and her daddy have...and are building daily. They are blessed to have each other and I am thrilled God put them both in my life.
Thanks for the touching post!

Nina in Portugal said...

I'm crying into my grits!! You have a special dad!

Kami Gimenez said...

AHHHH, Maria! Dad's are so sweet and special and I really miss mine, too. They are our hereos.
Glad you made it back safely to our neck of the woods!

Mendi... said...

Love this... :) So very, very sweet!

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet! I teared up reading it.

Seaweed and Raine said...

There is a special bond that only exists between a Dad and his "little" girl. Your Dad sounds like an amazing person. Keep acknowleging that. :) I don't have my Dad anymore - and I wish I had told him more often how incredible he was to me.

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