Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mama's packin'

The well-dressed lady walks with her head held high.
Despite the heat, her hair is done up in an {elegant} bun.  Heels and hose...she presents the perfect picture of a "proper turned out lady" on Sunday morning.

What is the destination of such a lady?  Well, let's see by the object in her hand.  Can it be?  Is she carrying the unmentionable....toilet paper?  The before-mentioned lady is thus seen with a squished roll of toilet paper in one hand and quickly leading a little person wearing nothing but a borrowed lady's t'shirt and her pink cowboy boots.  Let's just say, "it's a good thing....Mama was packing'!"

Hi-ho to the concrete bathroom we go.  Thankfully there is partially running water today.

Poor little Eden.  She woke up this morning, much later then usual.  She was complaining of a headache in her head and a "headache in her tummy".  Staying home is just not an option when your mommy is the only children's Sunday School teacher and the Christmas program is next week.  Sorry Lil' one, only way I'll keep you home is if you throw up and prove you're sick.

About an hour and half later, after partially filling up the bus with people.....she proved it.  And boy did she ever!  One of my ladies volunteered to give us a towel and some clothes.  So we picked up a few more people on the way back to my friends home.  I'm so very grateful for my friend helping me out.

Poor little Eden.  She was quite a trooper sitting quietly in her chair during Sunday School and then falling asleep in mama's arms during the morning service.  Mama kept her home Sunday night.  A warm bath and Bugs Bunny cartoons is the perfect medicine.

count your blessing
#106 wet wipes and hand sanitizer
#107 friends who understand
#108 a little girl who wants me to hold her


Nancy said...

Maria, Thanks for coming over to my blog. I can only access yours occasionally because of China's firewall. I have learned how to get over the wall though. hehe I LOVE your blog. You are creative, animated and such a good writer. Keep up the good work! God bless!!

Rachel... said...

Aww, how sad...I'm glad she got her medicine...and that's funny yesterday my poor Lizzie had a "headache" in her tummy...pooh bear is perfect for this too.

Mr & Mrs John said...

Oh, Maria, I have so been there! Dreadful it is when Mom forgets to pack the t-roll (as we say here Ghana)!
Hope your little one is feeling much better!

Unknown said...

Awww. Poor honey. Hopes she's all better by now.

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