Sunday, December 18, 2011

Valley Baptist Church Christmas Party

Saturday started bright and early.

On Friday, Prince had carried a few our our ladies to town
and they filled the bus with groceries in preparation for our Adult Christmas party.
What do you think of our fancy bbq pit?  Works just fine!
All the cooking was done outside our house.  
The wonderful smells were drifting all down the street...making the neighbors jealous.  {grin}
 green onions, thyme, crushed ginger for the gun-go peas and rice
Doesn't this look pretty?  This is the vegetables.  
They cut up and shred a mixture of vegetable and make a light dressing, yummy.
breadfruit from "mi yad"  (off my tree!)
fried plantain (looks like a large banana but tastes like a sweet potato)
Nifty little cooking stove, huh?
the kids and grandkids
My plate was soooo good!
Chicken, beef, breadfruit, fried plantain, vegetable 
(shredded cabbage, carrots, peppers, etc...with a secret dressing) and gun-go peas and rice
I really didn't do the cooking except I made a chocolate layered cake,
which we hide from the "pinckney" (kids)
cleaning the dishes
Princess Brynlee
eating rice and peas
after the meal different groups played different games
 (Last Word, checkers, dominos, Skip-bo)
The kids played Baseball
The men played "golf" and sent the kids out on the street to fetch the balls
The ladies enjoy doing crafts, so I had this foam Nativity project and I think they enjoyed it.
I gave them sticky magnets for the back so they could put them on their fridge.
A very fun, and exhausting day.  I love our sweet Church family.

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Bethany said...

Looks like so much fun :) Exhausting, yet great days are good times.

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