Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a mixture of dirt and jelly

A tiny little hand holds my skirt.   Holds my hand.   Holds her dolly.
You're growing taller every day.  A little wiser.  A little more independent.
(Princess Brynlee, 14 m.)
These little hands with a mixture of dirt and jelly smeared on it.  Oh, the potential.

Paint a future masterpiece....paint an old barn door... paint your fingernails.
What will these hands do?  There is so much potential.

Mama will always love you,


Sarah@budgetfriendlydecorating said...

You have an adorable little girl..you must feel so blessed..I am your newest follower!

Jessica Curtis said...

Very sweet!

Jessi said...

She is getting so big. It's so fun to follow blogs and watch missionary kids grow even when we are so far away from each other!

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