Thursday, February 2, 2012

you're thinking my name

If I really thought about it...
I'd get hurt feelings that you call the dog by name but not me.
Sure you say, "Dada"...EVERY...time you hear the bus rumbling up the road.
And rush to be the first to greet him.
Another Daddy's girl.

And Moriah thinks she's also your mommy.
She really is a big help to me.
She loves to get you up in the morning and sneak you cookies.
So I guess she earned the right for you to say "A-Riah".

And the Dog.
Well he's a dog, and all my kids love animals.
But not only do you call for "A-go" but you deemed him worthy of the kissing "come here" sound.

For crying out loud, you even say "na-na" for those fresh bananas that you love and eat all the time.

{pouty lip}
It's just not fair.
Today though, the thought struck me right between the eyeballs.  And thoughts usually have to do that...this far away from my morning coffee.  And those same thoughts usually have to flutter around the room and knock on my head a few times to get over the sound of the children.  I'm mommy.  I don't have to hear it from your slobbery little lips, I can see it in your brown eyes.

And even when I long to hear it, I know without a doubt that you're thinking my name.

count your blessings
#184 the sound of a baby's voice
#185 giving my children fresh bananas off the tree
#186 children in hats


Chris, Carole, and Clan said...

Such a sweet post and I know exactly what you mean! :-)

Carrie said...

As many of us have learned, they don't have to say Mommy because we are always there already. Once she is away from you she will say it.

50cc mopeds for sale said...

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Kayte said...

My Maddie didn't say mom, momma, or anything until she likes 18 months. It was sort of funny... shesaid so many other words... even called her cousin's by name! I couldn't undertand it! Those cousins never fed you, girl!!! Eventually she did say mom and hasn't stopped since! =)

Gail said...

Is this your baby? Wow! How she has grown! It seems like you just had her! Sweet post! I have some of the same feelings only with grand kids! Pawpaw usually seems yo come before Granna!

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