Thursday, March 22, 2012

adventures with a water hose

 "Hey, why did mommy shut the water off?
  I was just watering the flowers with her.  I'm such a big helper."
"There... that's better.  Here, Drago, you want a drink?"
 {I imagine Drago saying in a deep voice} "Brynlee don't stick your fingers in the hose."
"I can't help being naughty, I love the water so much!"

overheard in the playroom today:
Eden: "Come on, Riah, let's play."
Moriah: "Ok, but I'm not going to play the bad guy... again."
Eden: (matter-of-factly) "But, you look like the bad guy."

staying cool,


Andie Jaye said...

looks like drago was having just as much fun!

Shelly said...

Drago looks like he's amused by Brynlee in that last picture. lol I so enjoy the photos and stories about your girls, Maria. It's refreshing to see kids enjoying simple pleasures.

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