Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Bunny Garland

My friend Nicole, who is a missionary wife in Haiti, told me once she makes holidays "BIG".
  This really stuck with me.
You're away from home, away from family, and all the buzz that goes on for American holidays,
 so use this time to have fun with your family.
My kids love when we make new decorations for the holidays each month.  
We have been working on the program for our Resurrection Sunday at Valley Baptist Church.
  The kids are working hard on their song and memory verses.

Spring is coming in the States and so I wanted something to remind us
 of the new leaves, baby animals, and chirping birds.

  We decided on this Spring Bunny Garland.
This was super duper easy...let me tell you!
I had this awesome glittery scrapbook paper that I've been hoarding for {literally} years.
When I got it out of my closet there were the appropriate "ohhhs and ahhhs"
 when a girl sees something sparkly. {so fun}

Princess Alexis traced bunny shapes on the backside of the paper with a cookie cuter.
I cut them out and then let the girls pick out a sparkly diamond to make little "tails" with.
We fired up the ol' glue gun.
  Stuck the tails on, then glued the bunnies on a bright strip of rick rack ribbon!
Looks so cute and sparkly hanging across my cabinet!  My girls really enjoy all the colors catching the sunshine.

1 comment:

Shelly said...

Love this, Maria! It's darling and yet not complicated to make. Great idea.

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