Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a sweaty frizzy haired lady with wrinkled eyebrows

Birds chirping outside my window.  I open my eyes to feel the {kinda} cool breeze that is stirring my curtains.  Early morning sunshine streaming in.  Not to bright, but soft and delicate.  Like Brynlee's lazy smile when she first wakes up.  I stretch in my bed....treasuring the silence.  Those few minutes of the day when my time is mine.  Resisting the temptation to bury my head under my blanket and slip back into oblivion, I reach for my Bible next to my bed.

My quiet time with God.  So important.   "Dear Lord, speak to me, through your Word, today.  I need your guidance to be the wife and mom that honors You." My quiet time with God enables me to survive each day.  My soul is stirred, encouraged, empowered.  I close my Bible and my eyes thanking God for this new day.  My heart leaves the room full, thankful.

All at once, my crew awakes.  There is weeping and wailing and "she touched me" and "give that back"! There is "sit still", "finish your food", "don't you dare!","get right back here!"...."where's the pancake turner!"  And no, I ain't making pancakes.  A new day has started with spilled cereal bowls, lost hairbrushes, and toothpaste on the bathroom mirror.

Suddenly realization hits.  In the middle of the room filled with forgotten toys, flopped over mismatched shoes and a lost blankie stands a frizzy haired lady.  Sweat on her brow and wrinkled eyebrows.  Barking orders and reprimands with every breath.  Blurs of giggling children swirl in and out of the room leaving fresh messes in their wake.  Looking down at the half-eaten piece of bread she just stepped on she pauses and thinks to herself, "something isn't right."

Where is that woman who bowed humbly before the Lord this morning and asked Him to guide her throughout the day?  This can't possibly be the same one?  Is this woman being led by God?  What kind of an impact is she having on those around her?

Dear Ones, don't let life steal your peace and joy.  It's easy.  It's subtle.  It's habit forming.  I've been there and I don't want to go back.


Shelly said...

Amen! I've been there too and don't want to go back either. Thank you for an honest and powerful reminder, Maria. Hugs!!!

Jessi said...

Ah!!! Many days this is me! Don't want it!

Tinyla said...

Been there. Done that too! Love you lots Maria! - Tinyla

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