Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"he is no fool..."

I'm currently rereading the book Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot.  One of my all time favorite books.  A true story "of 5 young men who dared to make contact with a Stone Age tribe deep in the jungles of Ecuador".  This book tells the story of these men and their wives and has literally inspired hundreds of thousands of people.

Here is an excerpt that really touched me and I want to share it.
Ed McCully, Pete Fleming & Jim Elliot
"My going to Ecuador is God's counsel, as is my leaving Betty, and my refusal to be counseled by all who insist I should stay and stir up the believers in the U.S.  And how do I know it is His counsel?  'Yea, my heart instructeth me in the night seasons.'  Oh, how good!  For I have known my heart is speaking to me for God!...No visions, no voices, but the counsel of a heart which desires God." (page 14)

                                              (photo source)

This is an excerpt from the journal of Jim Elliot.

Oh, to have the courage to have faith like that.


Jen said...

Love that. Thanks for sharing. My favorite missionary bioagraphy is Jungle Pilot by Russel Hitt, about Nate Saint. We met Nate Saints son a few years ago. Amazing story. I pray we never forget.

Shelly said...

I first read "Through Gates of Splendor" when I was in the 7th grade. It deeply touched my heart and life then and has every time I have read it since then.

A Joyful Homemaker said...

That was great, thanks for sharing!
I love reading missionary blogs! I would love it if God called my husband to be a missionary (have even prayed for it) Thanks for also sharing your life on the mission field, I love reading your blog :)

Mari said...

I have no idea how I came across your blog but I am glad I did. Our family serves in Ecuador. It has definitely been an adventure. Stop by our place if you want:www.inspiredbyfamilymag.com
Blessings on your journey,
Mari Hernandez-Tuten

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