Saturday, June 2, 2012

unwanted garden guest

"Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?"
Well, with lots of this Jamaican sunshine
 and a cheerful little helper who's chore is to water them.

Want to meet my {cheerful} little helper?
 Well, mama and Brynlee were watering some of our flowers
 and were greeted with a little BIG surprise.
I've learned to live with the truckload of lizards that zip in and out among the leaves.
I even talk to them and name them....well the little ones that is.
And I even help catch the little baby frogs
 so my girls can oh and ah over their tiny features.
The snails...ek...they're snails and I don't like them and each one I meet is so deceased.
 But this feller is unwanted in my garden.
Can you see him?
I didn't see him myself until we poured water and he wiggled.
I calmly calmed for the girls to come see.
Ok, I screamed  and jumped around on the veranda till they came running.
He was big.
As carefully and closely as I dared I measured him to my hand,
 his body was as big as my palm and fingers!
Alexis said, "Mama, can I poke the plant with a stick?"
I said {with wild-eyes}, "You do, he jumps out, and I'll jump through the bars on the windows!"
Alexis turns to Moriah and whispered, "I'd like to see that."

Wonder what bothers me worse.  Seeing this unwanted visitor on my porch or seeing him not there the next morning!


LDH said...

Oh, he is so hidden in there ~ I would have been a bit unnerved to realize this fellow in my flower pot too!

Your little helper is most sweet and adorable :)

Juf said...

Ummm...pardon my ignorance, but I just can't see what kind of animal that is?!?!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Ewww! Yucky. Is that a toad I spy? Don't get me wrong - I love bouncy little froggies... but toads? Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking about when he created some of the animals that co-habit this planet with us.

♥ Amy said...

Well, as girly as your girls will be (they can't help learning that from their mama), I doubt if they'll be jumpy. That thing is just plain gross! :)

Tinyla said...

Hey Maria! More proof that gardening is not for the faint hearted. I have jumped(and screamed) several times from finding frogs and such in our garden. Not any in my flower pots yet though. Love ya girl!

Tinyla said...

Just noticed the pup in the background of the first photo. Did you get to keep one of Drago's pups? - Tinyla

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