Sunday, July 15, 2012

the only empty chair

as I was lugging the 20-some broken down metal chairs from my
 outside-along-the concrete-wall Sunday School "room"
 into the Church room for morning service
 I  noticed one particular chair.
now, these are metal chairs that belong to the High School itself.
they are abused pieces of metal welded together to make rickety desk seats.
plain and simple in design with a small rectangle piece welded on the back.
many times I inspect them as we assemble our Church room
 making sure no one sits in one with bent legs or such.

the particular chair that caught my attention had the back bent over at an odd unnatural angle
 but one of the sides of the panel had become unattached,
 so even if you tried leaning back against it... one side would gave way.

"oh, that's too bad", I thought to myself.
I pity the poor person who has to sit in this seat.
it's gonna be a long service for that poor person.

the song service began so I gathered all my little dark chicks
 who were hovering around the ice water cooler and pushed them into the Church room.
I turned to quickly scan the courtyard and made sure there were no stragglers.
satisfied that all were inside I turned (with Princess Brynlee on my hip) and went to find a seat.

yes, you guessed it.
the only empty seat was the broken chair.
look, here's preacher's wife and what do I get to sit on?
  a crooked piece of metal with no usable back 

oh, the indignities of it all!

here's the wake up call.....
how many times do we fuss and whine over life's
 little inconveniences AND
 the whole time miss the blessings and joys?

what about all the FULL chairs?

shame on me!
count your blessings
#231 a chair....marvelous inventions!
#232 Sunday School time
#233 internet


Kami Gimenez said...

Love this Maria, It's so true! Glad to hear of your full chairs this morning!
Blessings to you!

Jessi said...

So true. There is always something to be thankful for.

Seaweed and Raine said...


Margo said...

So true, and such a good reminder!

Jen said...

Just came across your blog via Michelle Reasoner's blog, and then realized "this is the family we are getting ready to go visit on our missions trip tonight!" haha =) Small world. Can't wait to meet you all tomorrow. =) Jen

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