Thursday, November 1, 2012

our sweet Drago

One thing that is hard for missionary kids is leaving the ones you love...over and over.  Alexis is my more tender hearted one in this area.  A week before we left Jamaica she came to me almost in tears and asked, “Who’d going to sit by Drago when it storms outside?”  Our German Shepherd hates storms and always asks to come in when he knows one is coming.  He will follow the girls and I around sticking very close.

Alexis was worried that he would be scared and she wouldn’t be there to comfort him.  It made me cry but comforted me at the same time to see her tender heart to the needs of others.

I recently came across this picture I took of her and Drago right before we left and wanted to record this memory.



JudyZ said...

So sweet... there is just something about a little girl and her huge dog!

Looking forward to you {hopefully} visiting us in Iowa!!

imklvr said...

Well?? Who IS watching Drago? Now I'm concerned! Love your family... always something to warm my heart!

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