Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas tea party with great-grandma Grace

over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go...literally.
the plans were made, the girls were all dressed in their Christmas finest.
inches of fluffy beautiful snow covered everything...
including the 45 miles of country roads leading to Grandma's house.
Grandma (being a Grandma) said "don't try and make it."
Me (being Me) bundled the kids up in their warm fluffy coats,
 packed some extra blankets in the Yukon and headed out.

We had been planning a Christmas tea Party at Great-Grandma Grace's Farm for weeks.  I was disappointed but not as much as my girls.  So....Onward we go!  Honestly there was a lot of snow packed onto the roads.  I drove about 30 mph for most of the way with no problems at all.  We passed several vehicles in the ditch though that made me slightly nervous.  When we arrived at the gravel road leading to her gravel road my uncle said that it was to bad to continue that way because there is a giant steep {scary} hill.

So, what do Missourians do?  They take the cow pasture!
{clearing throat} my sister, Rachel, has a very colorful version of me getting stuck while closing the gate.... and her having to "rescue" me.  Something about me forgetting how to drive after being in Jamaica for so long.  I'll spare you her side of the story and say, "I made it just fine." {blush}
Now, look at this picture of Tiny Baby Truman and his Great-Grandma Grace.
Wasn't those icy roads worth it?
On to the Tea Party!
It was a wonderful affair with
 the good china, real silver tea spoons, and yummy crumpets.
Along with very amusing dinner companions.
(Eden Grace 4 and cousin Evan 4)
(this one makes it look like Brynlee is fixin' to conk Evan on the head!  very possible)

(Alexis 7 and Moriah 8)
(cousin Natalie 1 and Brynlee 2)
the price of my children making memories with Great-Grandma and their cousins...priceless.


Dixie n Dottie said...

I would always plan tea parties with my Mamaw too! Great memories! It's great that your children were able to do the same with their Great-Grandma! They're all adorable! :)

Jen said...

Awww, I love Alexis' hair! So cute.

Nancy Carr said...

As I sit here in Puerto Rico in the warm weather I have memories of my feet being cold walking in the snow and ice covered fields of northeast Missouri. Hopefully I will be back in Missouri next year to experience it again. Love your sweet family. Peace

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