Monday, May 20, 2013

I might even name him

this is my bed.  notice the window without glass?  all through my house there are wooden louvers that you can adjust to catch the breeze.  this is great.  makes it easier for the visitors to come in.  one such little guest is sitting on the bottom of the window sill {every} morning since I got back home.
 quiet little guy.  he doesn't talk much and eats all those pesky unwelcomed mosquitos.
"who you lookin' at, mon?"
I might even name him,


Bethany said...

He wants to welcome you home! Ha ha!

Hey, random question, but how's the raising of funds for the church? I like to watch the support numbers go up, but I haven't seen it change lately. Just wondered if you've been too busy to update.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Hawaii for years and hoping to move back there again soon. When I heard gekohs ate roaches I could have invited many of these creatures over for parties just for peace of mind against the roaches. Praise God for your service in Jamacia and these little creatures. ;)

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