Tuesday, June 25, 2013

laverne, shirley, and rosie

Prince Charming knows how to make me happy.  Right after we returned to the Island he built me this {sweet} coop and bought me 3 laying hens.  Laverne, Shirley, and Rosie have fit into our family nicely.  I can't explain it but I really, really enjoy my chickens.  Maybe because I can kinda relate to them.  Often, I feel like I'm running around just like........  Sorry girls!  I love the experience it gives my daughters.
The girls happily present us with 3 little brown eggs every morning.
just a simple chicken farmer,


♥ Amy said...

We had a special affection for our chickens, too. And I loved feeding fresh organic eggs to my family!

Love every picture on your last post. You have a beautiful little family. (Well, little to me, but growing!) :)

Rosa B. said...

What a cute coop! I had to laugh at the names you chose - too funny! :)

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