Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sundays teach me

Sundays exhaust me.
It is hot.  My lungs get parched belting out the chords of "If your happy and you know it...".  Being the foolish man in the song of "Wise man and Foolish man" can be tiring.  Right now I'm teaching about Daniel.  I have 4 exciting lessons I teach of Daniel's life and his bravery.  The first lesson starts when he is captured and carried away by the mean scary soldiers to King Neb.  I love telling Bible Stories and applying the lessons to their lives.  Making it exciting and real brings me joy.  

Sundays encourage me.
We were down on kids in Sunday School because they just started their summer holiday.  In our valley, many of the kids go to "country".  This means they go visit their family in other towns.  We made up for it with having a room full of adults.  Full.  It was awesome.  The music service started.  The room started filling up and their voices sailed out the windows.  We sang a looooong time (a lot longer than in the States!)  After the songs and Scripture reading everyone sat down.  I hesitated a little to make sure that everyone had a place.  

Sundays teach me.
This rickety looking piece of metal is not one of our church chairs.  It is a school chair.  (We are still renting a class room at the local hs.)  When it was time for the sermon this was the closest looking thing to a seat that I had.  
There are times in our lives when we have to purpose to make the best of things.

Was it easy balancing my 7 month old AND my 2 year old on my lap during the whole sermon?  Was it comfortable?  I don't even have to answer know.

Oft times the Christian life isn't easy or comfortable.

Such a small price to pay to have a whole room of Jamaicans listening to the word of God being preached.


Be Thou Exalted said...

Loved this. Thank you!

imklvr said...

You are such an inspiration! Dona

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