Friday, August 9, 2013

what will your kids remember about yesterday?

wondering around trying to stay ahead of the housework and the children...and the dogs is exhausting and oft times overwhelming.
And sometimes I feel a  little like this....
Now that's not very pretty.
This is better....
How do we get from here to there?
I, at the ripe old age of {cough}, am hereby giving you permission to just enjoy the day.  

Let the dishes overtake the countertop, let the laundry stay in the washer, boil hot dogs for supper.

Many times I stress, and yell, and stomp my feet at the little ones just being kids.  I've found that it really doesn't do any good.  Instead of raising my blood pressure I put the baby on my hip turned on my sprinkler and watched the kids goof around and laugh.

 (Brynlee got cold)

I honestly don't remember the times, as a kid, when mom had a sparkling clean house.  Sorry, mom.  It doesn't stand out to me.  Even though I know it was. 

I do remember mom making messy glitter crafts, homemade popsicles and play dough from salt.  So I was thinking...hum?  What will the kids remember about yesterday.  I remember a few times that I raised my {happy} voice tone.  I remember a few times my neck muscles bulged.  

My house is never picture perfect.  That's why you most often see pictures of my guessed it... in the yard.  But apparently empty kitchen sinks and folding clean laundry doesn't figure in to happy childhood memories.

raising happy kids,

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Seaweed and Raine said...

I have a continual urge to make my "nest" a nice place to be ( and to be honest, both of my older boys commented on how great the living area looked the other day) but the things I remember too is cooking with my mum, helping her pick (and EAT!) Fresh produce from the garden, painting pictures with flower petals, and swinging on the swing. So here's to making good memories with our kids.

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