Monday, September 16, 2013

Me and my shadow

I rarely have pictures of myself.  As my daughters are getting older they love snapping pictures of mommy without me knowing.  Sometimes I'm surprised and sometimes I pretend like I don't see them....{wink}.
I always enjoy hanging my wash up in the early morning.
The weather in Jamaica is getting just a slight cooler.  Just slightly.  We are in the rainy season which is wonderful for my flower beds.  It is almost always sunny in the morning and we get a hard fast shower in the afternoon.  If the rain clouds stay around it makes the air cooler and comfortable.  Lovely.
These marigolds are special to me.  They makes me fondly think of my Missouri.

Notice my little shadow?  Shirley, my chicken, loves to follow me around.  I talk to her and point out the frogs or bugs.  When I walk away she'll run as fast as her little short legs can go to catch up with me...sometimes getting in-between my feet.  Ok, she's not the brightest one.  I enjoy my little friend, she makes me smile.

1 comment:

Leah Starbuck Boley said...

Marigolds always look so cheerful. Mom once told me that they were Dad's (your Grandpa Roy's) favorite flowers.

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